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DIY Tandoor Oven – Very Cheap

These kinds of ovens are used throughout the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and even parts of Central Asia and China. They can be large, permanent structures ensconced in a kitchen or outdoor area, or they can be smaller, portable ovens that can be carried from place to place. Based on Nick Collins’ flower-pot tandoor; this …

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DIY Truck Tent

An easy truck tent for the back of a Ford ranger, using pvc and a tarp…  

How To Make A Wood Gas Stove – Compact & Efficient!

How to make a wood gasifier stove. A highly efficient, compact, and portable wood burning stove that uses natural materials for it’s fuel source, eliminating the need to pack in extra fuel when hiking or backpacking. This tried and true design has many variations, and it’s capabilities can easily extend beyond a cheap and lightweight …

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The Sling Bow – How to Build Your Own

The sling bow is for use as a hunting weapon in a survival situation or minimalist camping loadout. It is small and light weight, but still has the ability to use regular arrows. While it is most realistic for smaller game, with practice (and patience to get close enough) it would be possible to take …

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Identifying and Reducing Risks of Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is one of the most serious threats to public health and safety out there.  It only takes one mistake to contract a wide-array of illnesses or become exposed to harmful substances.  The good news is that it only takes some basic steps to reduce risks to exposure, and these precautions can mean the …

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Simple Ant Control Solutions

There are two simple tricks that you can use to control an ant problem. Both are equally lethal, don’t contain harmful chemicals and simply involve mixing common household items together. Even if you don’t have an ant problem now, this may change once you are in a survival situation. Learn these tricks today so that …

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How to Gut and Prepare Snakes for Dinner

Snake meat is loaded with nutrients that we all need in our daily diets, and preparing and cooking a snake is not that difficult.  You can even eat ones that are poisonous as long as they are properly cleaned beforehand.  Let’s take a look at the basic steps so that you can turn to this …

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Long-Term Food Packaging: Mylar Bags vs Cans

Mylar bags were initially used by NASA for a number of purposes, including food storage for astronauts. They are essentially a special form of polyester that is incredibly airtight and water resistant. They are light-weight, incredibly strong and create a nearly impenetrable barrier that protects contents from oxidation and other chemical processes that cause spoilage or …

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Survival Lessons You Can Learn From the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts learn very important survival techniques when they are young, and they help to establish a foundation for self-reliance that can last a lifetime. Scouts also experience character-building exercises that help to develop leadership qualities. We can also benefit from applying some of the lessons they learn in our own lives especially when …

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Wet Boots? Dry Them Quick!

   Boots are only as waterproof as they are tall, no mater what super duper fabric or membranes you have in them. If you live in a place with water (sorry SoCal), then there is a chance your feet will eventually get wet. Excess moister in a boot can cause foot rot, blisters, and can …

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