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How to Quickly Choose a Temporary Shelter

How to Quickly Choose a Temporary Shelter There are a number of scenarios that may require you to quickly seek shelter in order to avoid being detected by someone.  However, it’s important that you quickly evaluate which option is the safest one to consider in the heat of the moment.  Let’s look at some basic …

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Finding Each Other After a Disaster

Finding Each Other After a Disaster   One of the most difficult things to plan for is what to do if you lose contact or get separated from loved ones. People get separated from one another on a regular basis during the course of an otherwise “normal” day, and this can be stressful enough. Now …

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Making and using a Bow Drill

When I was learning to make fire using the bow drill I browsed the internet for information, I found that there are quite a few websites out there that have articles about the bow drill, but I felt there was never enough information. Each person has their own tips and specialist knowledge around the subject …

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