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Overcoming Deadly Psychological Traps in an Emergency Part 3: Anger

Anger is just as capable of killing us as the events that are threatening our lives.  It can cloud judgment,   encourage us to make irrational decisions and work against everything good that we are trying to accomplish.  Anger is a natural and common psychological response to stress or loss, but it is something that should be dealt with …

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Overcoming Deadly Psychological Traps in an Emergency Part 2: Fear

Fear can be both good and bad.  It can indicate to us that we are facing danger and need to react.  It can also keep us from confronting things that make us uncomfortable.  Fear can force us to take a step back and think about something, or it can cause us to freeze up and not think about …

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Overcoming Deadly Psychological Traps in an Emergency Part 1: Denial

Most people automatically experience an initial feeling of shock, disbelief or denial as soon as an emergency strikes.  One theory is that this is the brain’s way of helping us to minimize shock so that we can detach from the situation.  However, denial can also delay or cloud the decision-making process that needs to start as soon as …

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Are You Physically Prepared for Survival?

Physical fitness is one of the most important things that you can do to get your body ready for the challenges of a survival situation.  Getting into an exercise routine will also help you to rest better, think more clearly and have more control over your emotions.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a gym or …

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Survival Stockpiles and Rations: Lessons from the Cold War

There were over 100,000 municipal survival shelters scattered across the country from 1960s to the early 1970s.  They were funded by the federal government, but sites were selected and managed by state and local civil defense agencies.  Considering that these shelters were intended to protect populations from the effects of a nuclear war, it’s almost comical to …

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Appreciating Natural Reactions to Life or Death Situations

The human mind, in most cases, reacts in certain ways when we are faced with life or death situations.  Some of these reactions are helpful as they prevent us from doing things that will be deadly.  On the other hand, they can inhibit us from doing the right thing, which can lead to a grim …

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What to Expect if Martial Law Comes to Town

We’ve seen a resurgence in civil unrest over the past couple of years, and there have been many instances when government has decided to institute martial law to restore order.  However, many people don’t realize the real impact that martial law has on our civil liberties and basic rights as American citizens.  It is a widely-held …

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Practical Uses for 5 Gallon Buckets

5 gallon buckets are everywhere, and their practical uses are limitless.  This makes them essential items to have on hand, and you can never have too many.  Let’s take a look at a few examples of ways that you can use them in everyday as well as survival situations. Survival Storage 5 gallon buckets are a great …

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Five Practical Uses for a Necktie

Neckties are more than just a way to project a professional or formal appearance.  They have many uses that can be particularly useful during a crisis.  As they become less and less popular in daily attire, you should still consider keeping one on hand at all times just in case you need it.  Let’s take a look at …

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Practical Survival Tips from the Book of Leviticus

The book of Leviticus in the Bible is probably one of the most debated and contentious in all of scripture.  The restrictions placed on the Jewish people are seen by some as oppressive and others as a blessing and wise set of rules to follow.  Many of the principles outlined in Leviticus are incredibly practical and beneficial …

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