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How to Make Camp Bread in the Field

  Did you know that you can make bread with a few basic ingredients, a dutch oven or similar pot, and a campfire?  The process is ridiculously-easy, and this is a great way to give yourself access to carbohydrates without having to carry around a lot of bulky or perishable foods.  Not only that, but …

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Simple and Delicious Powdered Milk Recipes

Powdered milk is a staple item in many emergency food stockpiles, yet few people really look forward to drinking it during a crisis.  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can obtain the benefits of powdered milk without having to cringe at the unpleasant taste.  Here are a few simple recipes that can give …

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Protecting Your Stockpile:  Beware of These Signs of Spoilage

Our emergency food stockpiles represent one of the most important resources to have on hand during a prolonged-crisis, yet so many people forget to inspect them on a regular basis.  While properly-packing and storing foods will go a long way to reduce the risk of loss over time, there is always the chance that items …

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Are You on the Verge of Suffering from Orthorexia?

Chances are that you’ve probably never heard of orthorexia before.  It’s a condition that is impacting more and more people every year, but it didn’t get a name until recently.  Orthorexia is an eating disorder that is based on an irrational fear of being exposed to unhealthy foods.  It’s a progressive disorder that can consume …

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How to Open a Coconut With no Tools

Imagine that you’re stranded on an island where your only immediate source of food and water is from coconuts.  You don’t have any tools, and you haven’t stumbled on appropriate rocks that can be used to pry open the husks and shells.  What do you do?  Well, there’s an alternative that will work almost every …

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Try This Delicious Raspberry Vinaigrette Canning Recipe

Vinaigrette dressings are very easy to make, they don’t require a lot of specialized ingredients, and they can be processed and stored for at least a year.  They are also one of those items that you’ll be happy to have on hand if you ever need to tap into your stockpile during a crisis.  Here’s …

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Making a Native American Earth Bowl

  Making a stew using a earth bowl made out of clay; I use deer jerky and yellow wood sorrel, dandelion leaves, yarrow, garlic, and lamb’s quarters. Cooking the stew with hot rocks. Making a Native American Earth bowl.

Choosing Road Kill for Food

Road kill presents a wonderful and easy opportunity to cash in on a meal. However, there are some inherent risks associated with partaking of this option. Not every kind of animal is suitable for consumption, and it’s also important to assess whether a particular find is safe to clean, prepare and enjoy. Here are a …

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How To Make Your Own Fishing Net

A simple “Do it Yourself” net that can be made out of any type of cordage or string. This net is awesome as a gill net for fishing, a net for trapping birds and can be used as a makeshift bag to hold items. Make it with para-cord for a net that can be used …

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Survival Fish Trap Using Just One Hand.

  Amazing Survival Fish Trap using just one hand and some rocks, expending the least amount of energy possible during the construction and catching. You don’t need any tools, or weapons. The key to survival is keeping your head. It doesn’t matter what your are up against, if you loose your head then that’s it, …

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