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How to Make a Trip Wire Alarm From a Clothespin

Trip wire alarms are an excellent first-line of defense against intrusions along a perimeter.  The trick is to make one that will be loud enough for you and the intruder to hear.  The following design is an excellent example of how you can use ordinary items to create a rudimentary warning system.  You can improvise as needed, and …

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Simple Guide for Gathering Wood and Building a Fire

When talking about fires, terms such as fire-starting material, kindling, tinder and good wood come up a lot.  However, they don’t do much to explain how big or long items should be, or how much wood you will need to get started.  Below is a simple guide that can help to ensure that you are gathering the …

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How to Make a Simple Pull-Tab Fire Starter

You can create a powerful and effective firestarter that may be an ideal option in windy or rainy conditions.  It combines the benefits of a match or lighter, fuel and tinder in one easy to use device that is portable.  Let’s take a look at this simple trick, because it may be the perfect compliment to your …

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How to Make an Emergency Compass Out of Duct Tape

You never know when you will need to make an emergency compass to orient yourself in a wilderness survival situation.  This is why it’s so important to know about as many tricks as possible, so you can use them if and when they become applicable.  Let’s take a look at a simple one that involves …

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How to Make a Rudimentary Slingshot out of PVC Pipe

There are a lot of ways to make slingshots, but few are as easy as the one described below.  If you have some PVC pipe, duct tape and thick rubber bands, you can make one in just a few minutes.  Let’s take a look at this simple process that may be good to know if you’re ever …

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A Lesson Learned from Improperly Storing Food

A friend of mine brought over some really nice bread rolls the other day, and I wanted to save them. I put them into a large zip-lock plastic bag, squeezed out as much air as I could without squishing the bread and laid it on the counter.   A couple of hours later, I went back …

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How to Safely Can Ground Beef

Canning ground beef is a relatively easy and safe process as long as you follow some basic guidelines.  Having a supply on hand for a survival situation is a great way to enhance meals as well as add some tasty protein to your diet.  It also reduces your reliance on hunting for whatever happens to be nearby …

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Make Your Own Cooking Oil With Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are ridiculously easy to grow, and they yield enough seeds to make producing oil simple and efficient. You can even make oil out of the seeds that you purchase from the store. Let’s take a look at how you can produce a nutritious and steady supply of oil that can be stored year-round. Planting …

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Tips for Choosing Your First Firearm

Getting your first gun is an experience unlike any other, but it’s important to choose one that works for you.  There are a million and one different models, calibers and sizes out there, and none of them are created equally.  Let’s take a quick look at some factors to consider when you’re shopping around.  Remember, there’s no right …

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What to Expect if Martial Law Comes to Town

We’ve seen a resurgence in civil unrest over the past couple of years, and there have been many instances when government has decided to institute martial law to restore order.  However, many people don’t realize the real impact that martial law has on our civil liberties and basic rights as American citizens.  It is a widely-held …

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