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Tips for Choosing Your First Firearm

Getting your first gun is an experience unlike any other, but it’s important to choose one that works for you.  There are a million and one different models, calibers and sizes out there, and none of them are created equally.  Let’s take a quick look at some factors to consider when you’re shopping around.  Remember, there’s no right …

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What to Expect if Martial Law Comes to Town

We’ve seen a resurgence in civil unrest over the past couple of years, and there have been many instances when government has decided to institute martial law to restore order.  However, many people don’t realize the real impact that martial law has on our civil liberties and basic rights as American citizens.  It is a widely-held …

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Quick Guide to Different Goat Breeds for the Homestead

Goats are not created equally, and different breeds are ideal for different purposes.  Some produce more and better quality milk than others while certain breeds are better for meat.  Some breeds are ideal for small spaces or when resources for feed and grazing are an issue as well.  Let’s take a quick look at a general guide to …

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The Crazy Things that People do and Your Security

We spend enough time preparing for SHTF that we may miss the forest for the trees when it comes to day-to-day threats that we already face.  There has been a rash of news stories about maniacs in our society that are finding new and amazing ways to threaten our security and well-being.  Let’s take a look at …

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Sim Cards are Being Designed to Track Users

Sim Cards are Being Designed to Track Users Governments around the world are expanding their capabilities to track and monitor the activities of their citizens.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating sim cards that can reveal a lot of information about users.  Sim cards are being developed and distributed around …

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How to Make Common Stopper Knots

How to Make Common Stopper Knots Stopper knots are used at the end of ropes or cordage to secure whatever they are holding in place.  Most of them are very easy to tie, and slight variations exist that are designed to provide specific benefits.  Let’s take a look at a few common examples of common …

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How to Build a Rudimentary Raised Planter Bed

How to Build a Rudimentary Raised Planter Bed Planter boxes are one of the most important components of a productive garden.  They make it easy to group crops and give them the nutrients they need, and they are also an important pest-control strategy.  If you have the resources and time to build planter boxes, doing …

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How to Use PVC to Make Hampers or Bins for Laundry

How to Use PVC to Make Hampers or Bins for Laundry One of the best things that any one of us can do on the road to self-reliance is to find ways to be as organized as possible.  It helps us to get tasks done faster and with less frustration, and being organized also helps …

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Tips on How to Prepare for a Tornado

Tips on How to Prepare for a Tornado We all know about the devastating effect that tornadoes can have, and all of us should be at least marginally-prepared in case we get caught in the path of one of these ferocious storms.  While many homes and buildings in tornado-prone areas have safe rooms, basements or …

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How to Modify Batteries and Get Better Use out of Them

How to Modify Batteries and Get Better Use out of Them There are many disposable batteries that can be re-purposed in order to provide power for a broader range of electronic devices.  A lot of people don’t know that battery manufacturers use common components for different products as a way to increase sales and profits.  …

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