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Could Legionnaires Disease be the Next Pandemic?

Did you know that legionnaires disease affects about 100,000 people per year, and it can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated properly?  It’s unclear how many people develop this nasty bacterial infection annually around the world, but some estimates are as high as 5 million.  A recent outbreak at a major theme park has …

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How To Signal for Help in the Snow

Despite all of the challenges associated with wintertime survival, this can be the best time of year to signal for help.  The lack of vegetation, good visibility on sunny days, and vast expanses of white snow on the ground create the right conditions to attract the attention of rescuers.  Let’s look at a few ways …

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How to Grill Meat Over Fire the Old Fashioned Way

Grilling meat over an open fire is a common challenge in wilderness survival situations because we don’t always have the right equipment on hand.  However, we really don’t need grills or barbecues to get the job done, and people have been cooking meat for centuries using little more than some wood.  Let’s take a look …

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Natural Remedies for Common Foot Ailments

  It will only be a matter of time before we encounter some kind of foot problem during a survival situation.  Blisters, ingrown toenails and corns are just a few examples of minor issues that can turn into big problems if left untreated.  Fortunately, nature has provided us with some tried-and-true remedies that can treat …

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3 Ways to Cook With a Pot and Stick

  Sometimes it’s not all that practical to place a pot directly on a fire or along its edge.  However, coming up with an alternative can be easier said than done, especially if you’re short of gear to make a suitable rig.  Fortunately, you can take advantage of the following tried-and-true techniques, and none of …

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Identifying and Reducing Risks of Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is one of the most serious threats to public health and safety out there.  It only takes one mistake to contract a wide-array of illnesses or become exposed to harmful substances.  The good news is that it only takes some basic steps to reduce risks to exposure, and these precautions can mean the …

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Choosing Appropriate Footwear for Wilderness Travel

It is incredibly important to choose footwear that will fit the conditions that you expect to encounter. Some shoes and boots are ideal for walking along trails while others are designed to be used in rougher terrain. Let’s take a quick look at some characteristics of popular footwear options in order to help you to maximize …

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4 Mistakes Preppers Make Early On

Prepping isn’t rocket science, and a lot of common sense goes a long way. But, for many who are new at the game, getting things just right can seem a bit confusing. How do you prepare for every possible eventuality? What steps can be taken to provide options when all hell breaks loose? These questions …

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The Impact of Local, Regional and National Disasters

The Impact of Local, Regional and National Disasters The vast majority of disasters that we encounter are localized and confined to a relatively small area.  While this makes providing relief services as well as access to basic essentials easier, it also gives us a false sense of security that this will always be the case.  …

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The World’s Most Dangerous Turtles

The World’s Most Dangerous Turtles Most people don’t think of turtles as being a threat to humans.  However, there are a few species that have a ferocious bite that can lead to serious injury or death.  Let’s take a closer look at turtles that are best to be avoided whenever possible. Leatherback Sea Turtle This …

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