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A Basic Introduction into the Lunar Cycle

Learning the basics of the lunar cycle can get you in tune with the rhythm of life that may become a reality if and when the SHTF.  One the main reasons that the moon is such a reliable source of time measurement is that each phase is distinctive and easily identifiable.  Let’s take a look at the basic phases …

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Cooking Fish-On-A-Stick the Easy Way

Fire-roasted fish is one of the most delicious ways to cook your catch out in the field.  However, there are some things that you can do to make the process easier and more efficient.  Let’s look at a few things that can help you to turn your next catch into a meal with minimal effort while reducing the …

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Make a Sweet Flashlight Holder to Light Your Tent

Getting lighting options to work well inside of a tent is not always easy, and even the best accessories often produce limited results.  One option to consider if you don’t have a flashlight with a string attachment is to build your own.  Let’s take a look at how you can fashion a sturdy and effective flashlight holder in …

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How to Make a Cheap and Effective Live Rabbit Trap

A box rabbit trap is probably the easiest and most humane way to hunt and trap rabbits.  Shooting them requires a lot of time and skill, snare traps can be tricky and difficult to set, and most people don’t have enough land to make netting worthwhile.  Let’s take a look a simple design that can be set, checked …

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How to Grow Your Own Loofah Sponges

Loofah products that you see on store shelves actually come from sponges that are related to the gourd family. You can grow your own and develop a limitless supply of these excellent cleaning products that can be used on the skin as well as for household chores. Let’s take a look at how easy it …

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Simple Guide for Gathering Wood and Building a Fire

When talking about fires, terms such as fire-starting material, kindling, tinder and good wood come up a lot.  However, they don’t do much to explain how big or long items should be, or how much wood you will need to get started.  Below is a simple guide that can help to ensure that you are gathering the …

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How to Make an Emergency Compass Out of Duct Tape

You never know when you will need to make an emergency compass to orient yourself in a wilderness survival situation.  This is why it’s so important to know about as many tricks as possible, so you can use them if and when they become applicable.  Let’s take a look at a simple one that involves …

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First Aid: Ligament and Tendon Injuries

There are very important differences between ligaments and tendons, and injuries to either one will have different impacts on the body.  In many cases, it is easy to identify whether an injury is caused by a torn or ruptured ligament or tendon, and this can help to ensure that you are providing the proper form of …

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Practical Tips About Building Tarps and Shelters

There are a lot of different types of shelters out there, and we’ve talked about some easy ways to use tarps to build rudimentary ones .  This is a good time to re-visit the topic and add some additional suggestions as more and more people head outdoors during the summer.  Let’s take a look at some practical …

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Five Types of Fires That Everyone Needs to Know How to Build

Five Types of Fires That Everyone Needs to Know How to Build There are a lot of different types of fires out there, and each one is designed for a specific purpose.  Some can be used for cooking while others are meant to be a radiant source of heat.  Others can be used to send …

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