Don’t Forget to Put These Items in Your Bug Out Bag

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Don’t Forget to Put These Items in Your Bug Out Bag

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There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to what to pack in your bug out bag or survival kit.  Everyone has their own needs, preferences and requirements when it comes to being equipped to flee a dangerous situation.  However, there are also some basic essentials, in addition to things like provision for food, water and fire, that should also be packed away.  Let’s take a look at some items that you want to have on hand in an emergency.

Dental First Aid

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Few people think of dental problems until infections develop or teeth start to hurt.  However, you definitely want options at your disposal when these problems arise because they can be incredibly-painful and potentially debilitating. 

Antacids and Digestive Aids


There’s a good chance that you will either develop an upset stomach or digestive problem during a SHTF situation.  Aside from antacids, laxatives, and anti-diarrhea  medication, you should also have a pack of carbon tablets on hand.  Carbon tablets are highly-effective at killing microorganisms and pathogens that cause a that a wide-range of digestive problems, and many of these can turn into serious emergencies during a crisis.


You want to have hard-copies of pictures of your family or close friends in case you get separated during an emergency.  Consider having pictures of you with your family as well.  This can help you to prove that you are who you say you are in a situation when chaos can make verifying your story difficult. 

Water Storage

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We place a great emphasis on making sure that we have access to safe drinking water, and most of us probably have at least one filter along with an assortment of purification tablets, bleach or iodine to use in an emergency.  However, we also need something to store the water that we treat, and this is something that can be easily-forgotten as we prepare.  Make sure that you have a couple of water bottles, a canteen, bladder or container that will help you to store a day’s worth of water during an emergency.

Knife Sharpener

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Blades can become dull or nicked a lot faster than people think during a crisis.  It’s also surprisingly-difficult to sharpen blades in the field with whatever material may be available at the time.  Pack away a small knife sharpener that can be used as needed, and you’ll never have to worry about dealing with a dull blade in the midst of a crisis.


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Most people associate zip-ties with handcuffing people who pose a threat.  However, they have all kinds of practical uses in the field, and you’ll be glad that you have a supply on-hand when the need arises. 

Filtration Mask

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We should all have a couple of surgical masks on hand to help filter out dust or to protect others from our sneezes and coughs if we’re sick.  However, they don’t provide protection against finer particles and a range of harmful chemicals that can be present in the air during a crisis.  Consider getting an N95 mask, which is certified to filter out many of these smaller, more-dangerous contaminants.

These are just a few examples of important items that can be very beneficial during a bug out situation, but it’s not meant to be a definitive list.  Take some time to think of other items that usually don’t come to mind, and make sure that you pack them away before you forget.  Think about other items that can round out your supply list, and feel free to share some ideas that can help others to be better prepared as well.