Survival Bunkers for the Super-Rich

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Survival Bunkers for the Super-Rich


It’s not uncommon to see the rich and powerful having access to emergency bunkers or “life boats” in disaster movies.  Sometimes, plots involve government plans to preserve the human race by selecting some of the best and brightest among us to be part of re-seeding the population once the dust settles.  Unfortunately, the average person is usually excluded from these opportunities. 

In reality, there is huge and lucrative market for survival bunkers and shelters for the wealthy and powerful.  It just goes to show how members from all classes of society are mindful of the real possibility of encountering a SHTF scenario or societal collapse.  However, the question is whether or not their investments would pay off if and when that horrible day comes. 

Limited Usefulness

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Keep in mind that a good bunker is only useful for a handful of survival situations.  They are only good  in situations where bugging-in is the best option.  They are also only useful for a few different kinds of disasters as well, and they won’t provide universal protection against all of the threats we face out there.  Finally, in order to use the bunker, people have to be able to get there and lock themselves inside before disaster strikes, or before the effects of the disaster create a life or death situation.

Consequently, spending millions of dollars to buy condo space in an abandoned missile silo, a bunker carved into a mountain or some other underground fortress may not provide the level of protection someone is hoping to obtain.  Not only that, but even if they were able to enjoy their gold-plated toilets and luxurious amenities while being holed-up, they would still need to ration food, have access to fresh water, communication and possess basic skills just like everyone else.

Money Isn’t Everything


Remember that it’s more important to focus on developing a wide-range of skills and having numerous options at your disposal for SHTF survival.  Since we face threats on so many different fronts, our ability to adapt, use good judgment and be willing to improvise as we go will determine our likelihood of getting out alive.  Money may buy a sense of security, or allow someone to create a shelter that is more-comfortable, chances are that they will still be eating dehydrated or canned foods while facing the same uncertainty and threats as everyone else.

There is also the chance that having such expansive and luxurious bunkers or other survival setups can also attract unwanted attention and invite trouble.  Keeping a low profile is also an important survival tactic, and if people get wind of a large cache of supplies and comfort, bunkers and expensive shelters may be raided. 

So, if you have millions of dollars to throw around in order to finance your preparedness efforts, remember to invest in skills, resources and multiple strategies that can increase your chances of survival.  Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, because that bunker or hideout that you’re eyeballing may not be available or useful when the SHTF.