Survival Practice Makes Surviving Perfect

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Survival Practice Makes Surviving Perfect


But, how prepared are you in reality?

The only way to know for sure is to test your efforts in order to see what works and what doesn’t based on different scenarios.  One of the best ways to establish a real and reliable system of checks and balances is through a trial by fire.

We always try and find practical and effective ways to make do with limited resources during an emergency.  This is the name of the game in terms of survival preparedness.  We get a hold of tools, supplies and equipment.  We choose things that take up minimal space and can be used to accomplish multiple tasks.  We have checklists, run through scenarios in our minds and do what we can to have greater peace of mind that we’re ready whenever the SHTF.

Wilderness Example

Imagine that you need to bug out and head to your safe house or secure location in the wilderness.  You have your backpack or bug out bag loaded and ready to go.  You have basic supplies and tools.  You have a means to get there safely, set up camp and start to make do with what nature is providing.  However, very few people put themselves in a position where they actually test whether or not their plans will be sufficient.

The last thing you need is to reach your bug out location and realize that you forgot some key item or lack a skill that can make life easier.  Unfortunately, this is a far too common experience that even the most seasoned camper or hiker is all-too-familiar with.

In most cases, this problem is easily solved by heading to the local store and getting the necessary supplies.  But, what happens when that store isn’t around or the shelves are bare?  What would you do if the threat to your safety and security outweighed the potential benefit of obtaining that particular item?  These are questions that all of us would undoubtedly face as time progresses, and there’s little that we can do to prevent this from occurring.  Except for thing-  We can practice now.

Load, Go, Unpack and Live

Make plans to spend some time in the wilderness under the same conditions that you expect to experience during a bug out situation.  Load up the supplies, head out and start to make do with what you have.  It is almost a sure-fire guarantee that you will stumble across something that you need but don’t have.  There’s also a really good chance that you will need to adapt and modify in order to get even some of the most basic tasks done.

However, you want to put yourself in a position where you are forced to adapt instead of cheating and running to the store.  Use this opportunity to expand your skill-set and improve your resourcefulness.  Take advantage of the chance to improvise and come up for solutions that will accommodate what you lack.

Will it be a challenge?  Yes.  Will the absence of certain things be annoying and uncomfortable?  Probably.  However, this will teach you how to do without, react without getting flustered and press on in order to become stronger, wiser and more experienced.

Then, you can go home, take stock and re-evaluate your plans and preparedness efforts.  You can get that tool you needed or develop that skill that you struggled with learning on the go.  The whole point is to be in a better position to thrive when a crisis really comes and you are forced to respond.  All of us, even the most seasoned, experienced and prepared, need to continually re-evaluate our efforts in order to make improvements.

Make it a point to put your efforts to the test, no matter whether they are centered on sheltering in place or bugging out.  This is the only way to truly customize your efforts to meet your needs and minimize the occurrence of setbacks and problems once you are faced with a real-world situation.  Take advantage of these learning opportunities and don’t procrastinate so that you will be able to adapt during good times as opposed to doing without during a crisis.