Amazing and Practical Uses for Zinc Oxide



Zinc oxide is a compound that is readily available in powdered form, and it can be used for a number of purposes that are relevant to survival preparation. It is commonly found in a number of products that are used for skin protection, dental care and other applications. However, you can easily make your own products in order to maximize their benefits while reducing costs. Let’s look at a couple of really good examples of how zinc oxide can enhance your survival medical supply options.




Dental Care

Zinc oxide is a common component of material that is used to to fill dental cavities. It is also widely used as a way to treat mild to moderate tooth pain. You can create your own toothache remedy that mirrors the effectiveness of professional-grade products by mixing the powder with clove oil extract and applying it to the affected area. Preparing the mixture is very easy. Pour a small amount of powder into a small glass or wood bowl and add a drop or two of clove oil extract. Take a sterile straw, coffee stirrer, toothpick or popsicle stick and carefully mix the ingredients until you get a wad of paste that has the consistency of gum or caulk. You can immediately apply it to the affected area of the tooth. Pain relief and sensitivity will significantly decrease after application, but you may feel a burning sensation for a few minutes.






Skin Care

Zinc oxide is one of the most effective ways to reflect UV radiation away from the skin, and it is the principle ingredient in many sunblock products. You can make your own and eliminate the expense as well as exposure to numerous chemicals that are found in commercial products in a couple of very easy steps. Most high protection sunblocks have a 20% zinc to lotion ratio, but you can increase or decrease this amount according to your needs and preferences. All you need to do is combine white and non-scented hand lotion and zinc oxide powder in a food processor and blend. This will ensure that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed while enhancing the texture of the lotion. You can store in an airtight container or use immediately.

Zinc oxide is also known for its ability to treat diaper and moderate to severe skin rashes by promoting drying and skin restoration. It can also be used to help remove oil from the skin as well as a possible remedy to reduce acne. You can also apply zinc oxide cream to hemorrhoids as a way to alleviate itching, reduce inflammation and promote faster healing.





Wound Care

Zinc oxide can be combined with ointments or aloe vera to help minor wounds and burns, abrasions and chafed skin to heal faster. However, this is intended to serve as a topical remedy and you should not use zine on third degree burns, deep cuts or wounds. Most remedies have a 10-20% zinc oxide ratio to volume.


You can buy zinc oxide powder from many pharmacies and stores that carry health and beauty aids. You can also find many places online to purchase bulk quantities as well. Consider making a few batches of creams and ointments today and experiment with different variations and recipes. You can always add essential oils to expand the medicinal properties of the topical remedies that you create as well. The important thing is that you take advantage of this amazing compound so that you can use it to your advantage when you need immediate relief from dental pain or a wide-range of skin maladies during a survival situation.




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