Eating a Dog or Cat– Would You Take the Plunge?

Eating a Dog or Cat– Would You Take the Plunge?


Cat Meat

Cats have been eaten for centuries, primarily in jungle communities or by the very poor. Cats are not a good source of meat due to their small bodies underneath their thick fur. The meat vs bone ratio is very small, and this translates into putting a lot of effort to clean, prepare and cook an animal for a minimal result at the end of the day.


People who have eaten cat also describe having to pick out lots of tiny little bones in almost every morsel of the meat. Couple that with the general consensus that cat meat has a funky and odd taste, and it is easy to see why people prefer other small animals such as rabbit or squirrel. However, cat is usually prepared on the grill or over an open fire with its head and guts removed beforehand.


It’s hard for anyone to really know what they are willing to eat under dire circumstances. However, not excluding dog or cat for food in the aftermath of a SHTF scenario or other crisis is a good way to keep options open.


Just remember that it is critically important that you completely remove the head and organs and thoroughly wash the carcass before cooking. You also want to make sure that you thoroughly cook the meat in order to kill off any potential parasites or bacteria. Finally, never chose an animal that looks sick or acts strange. These are two strong indicators that the animal has rabies.


Hopefully none of us will ever face a situation where we need to consider this meal option. However, it seems that choosing dog over cat will produce a more tasty and bulky meal.




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