Everyday Objects That Also Make The Best Weapons

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Everyday Objects That Also Make The Best Weapons


Chances are that you already have a cache of weapons in your home and don’t even know it.  There are a number of ordinary, household objects that can be quickly transformed into effective defensive weapons, if you know how to use them.  Best of all, they are not perceived as weapons, so chances are that you will be less-likely to get stopped or harassed by the police or security guards.  Take a look at the following examples and see how easy it is put what you have on hand to good use.


Yup, your everyday, ordinary newspaper can be turned into a sturdy and somewhat blunt object simply by rolling it up nice and tight.  It can be even more effective if you can cover it with a few strips of duct tape or rubber bands as well.  Keep in mind that it won’t replace a baton, club or bat, but it can get you out of an imminent threat and buy you precious seconds to either flee or use other tactics to defend yourself.  This is particularly true if you can get a good whack in the groin area.  However, it can be particularly painful if you push the newspaper tube into the chest of the assailant as well.


An umbrella is particularly useful if it can be strapped down so it doesn’t unfold and pop open when you start swinging.  Good umbrellas also have points on the end, and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how that could do a lot of damage if it is directed at key areas of the body.  Furthermore, umbrellas have lots of little pieces of metal that can break free and be used for a wide-range of other improvised weapons as well.  A little bit of creativity can go a long way when it comes to the possibilities that an umbrella can provide, so let your imagination run free for a while.


If you have the courage as well as agility to get a pen in your hand and use it as a poker, you can do some serious damage to an assailant in close combat situations.  The pointed ends can be pressed into almost any part of the body, and this can create an impalement or puncture that could bring someone to their knees in one swift motion.  Learn more about how to put a pen to work for you during an attack, and you will never go out without one again.


A cane or walking stick can also be very useful as they are sturdy, long enough to keep some distance from you and the assailant and easy enough for anyone to use.  You can increase their effectiveness by adding some hard material on the handle or end to pack an additional punch.  You can also modify, or purchase, items that have detachable handles that have blades on the other end, and some even have spring-activated barbs and blades that can be deployed with the push of a button.  Never underestimate how effective a good thump or poke from a cane can have on thwarting an attacker.


Anyone who grew up in earlier times when it was acceptable to spank children probably can relate to stories of parents using belts for punishments.  While we’re not going to approach the rightness or wrongness of this form of discipline, the same principle applies to survival situations.  Just think of how many uses you can get from looping a belt and using it as a strap to lash someone.  It can also be used to wrap around someone’s neck or hog tie them if the occasion presents itself.  This is just one more reason why you should consider always carrying a belt with you no matter where you go.

These are just a few examples of awesome, everyday items that can be used as powerful defensive weapons.  Just remember that they are only as good as those who are using them, so practice, learn some basic techniques and get comfortable with putting up a fight in close quarters.  The good news is that you can use these items when other, more traditional weapons are not allowed, which gives you more options to fight your way out of an attack under almost any circumstance.