Hot Tips for Baking Without an Oven

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Hot Tips for Baking Without an Oven

There are lots of was to bake, even if you don’t have an oven.  While it is true that you are limited in terms of what kinds of foods you can produce with the alternatives discussed below, these tricks can come in really handy as well.  Let’s look at how you can improvise and turn a fire or stove top into a makeshift oven that can help you to add a little diversity to your menu options when you have limited resources.

Stove Top

Using your stove top for baking unlocks even more options out in the field, and this method can also allow you to make a wide-range of recipes.   It basically involves placing a smaller pot for the food you are baking into a larger pot that rests on top of the stove.  Ideally, you want to place some sort of cooking rack inside of the larger pot in order to raise the smaller one above the bottom.  This will help to reduce scorching and allow heat to be distributed more evenly throughout the pot as you bake.

Coat the inner pot with your favorite non-stick spray, oil or lubricant of your choice.  Heat the pot until the interior reaches the desired temperature and then add the batch that you are baking.  You can also place a little bit of water in the bottom of the larger pan in order to better manage heat transfer as well.

It is important that you check the condition of the foods that you bake so you can regulate temperature as necessary and avoid uneven cooking.  However, once you get the hang of both of these methods, you can turn them into opportunities to cook great food even if you are far from a stove.

Just keep in mind that these tricks will do little to reduce the time that foods take to bake, and you will need to modify recipe proportions in order to have enough room to cook through these down-sized methods.  Finally, remember that practice makes perfect, so be prepared to mess up a couple of batches until you get the hangs of things.

However, once you are familiar with these methods, you will be opening up the door to all kinds of food possibilities that can be a fantastic addition to your limited choices in terms of survival cooking.  Try it out for yourself and it won’t be long before you incorporate these supplies along with some good recipes into your planning.