How To Can (Pork) A Must Have SHTF Skill

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How To Can (Pork) A Must Have SHTF Skill
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Canning is preserving food by sealing it in airtight containers. The following is the process of canning pork:

  1. First step will be to wash the piece of the pork you want to can. After washing the pork you slice it into cubes and make sure its very clean.
  2. Place the pork cubes in the canning jars.
  3. Add half tea spoon of non-iodized salt (canning salt) to the pork.
  4. Make sure that the can rings are very clean then cover the cans with air tight lids.
  5. Put the canning jars insider a caner having water plus vinegar and make sure the water is above the lids
  6. Cover the caner and let it cook for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes put a weight on the steam outlet and keep an eye on the pressure gauge and make sure it does not drop below 11 pounds.
  7. When the pressure is down open your caner but make sure you are far away from direct steam.
  8. Finally remove the jars from the caner, wait for them to cool then clean them.

In conclusion, canning is a very easy process which everyone can do on their own. One can buy books or watch more videos example of “how to can (pork) a must have SHTF skills” on Youtube.

How To Can (Pork) A Must Have SHTF Skill