How To Fill Your Canteen from a Tree

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How To Fill Your Canteen from a Tree

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This video will demonstrate how you can fill your canteen from a tree for drinking clean water in the wilderness.

1. Choose the tree that you would like to get the liquid from. With the use of your knife, make a mark on the tree. Position it and start hammering the knife into the tree like how you would hammer a nail. Do remember to only make a small area because while you can make big notches on the tree, this will not be good for the tree so respect and only make a small one.

2. You would have to take away the outer portion of the tree until the point when you can see that water is already starting to come out. You have to make a sort of straw that will make it easier for you to transfer the water from the tree to your canteen. You would have to jam the wooden straw in a sharp angle to make more water come out.

3. Once you are sure that water is already coming out, you have to place your canteen near the spot where the water drips. It is going to take a long time so you may want to make a makeshift rope that will allow the canteen to stay there for a certain period.

4. Once you have already gotten enough water from the tree, the next step that you have to do is to secure the notches that you have made. You may want to use clay soil in order to do that or you may also get extra barks from the rest of the tree. It is your duty to make sure that the tree will not get hurt further.

5. The last step is of course to try the water. Do remember that from where the water is taken can have an effect on how your water is going to taste like. Usually, if you would get it from maples, the water will be sweeter than usual.