How to Make a Simple and Effective Dog Washer

How to Make a Simple and Effective Dog Washer

Anyone who has tried to wash a dog who doesn’t like standing still knows how messy the process can be.  Not only that, but a lot of water can get wasted even under the best of circumstances.  Let’s take a look at a way that you can make a nice dog washing station that is easy on water while giving you the ability to take greater control over your pooch during the process.

Required Items

4 18 inch PVC pipe sections ½ inch diameter

4 24 inch PVC pipe sections ½ inch diameter

3 9 inch PVC pipe sections ½ inch diameter

1 2 inch PVC pipe piece ½ inch diameter

8 elbow connectors

1 T connector

1 hose adapter with valve

Drill and 1/16 bit

Epoxy adhesive


Preparing the Pipe

The first step is to drill holes throughout all of the pipe sections.  This will be used to for spraying water during the bath.  The more holes you have will increase spray volume, but too many holes can also reduce the amount of pressure throughout the system.  Start small and increase until you find the right balance.  A good rule of thumb is to drill holes about every two inches along each section of pipe.  Keep in mind that you want the holes to be on one side of the pipe and they will all need to be facing inward once the unit is assembled.  Otherwise, the spray will get everywhere except where you want it to go.

Assembling the Unit

The next step is to create the base and top.  Use the longer pieces for the sides and the 18 inch ones for the top and bottom.  This will be wide enough to accommodate most dogs.  However, if you have a large dog, consider replacing the 18 inch PVC with 24 inch and make a square.  You can also scale up by making the 24 inch pieces longer as well.  Connect the all of the pieces together with the elbow joints.  Keep one connection along one of the sides of the base open for the hose valve assembly.  You can glue the sections together now or temporarily fit them to make sure everything aligns properly first. 

The next step is to assemble the bottom side piece that will be the hose assembly.  Attach the 4 inch pipes to both elbow joints and then attach the T connector in the middle.  Make sure that the stem of the T is facing outward.  Next, attach the 2 inch piece to the T hole.  Finally, attach the hose and valve piece to the 2 inch pipe.  Test everything for alignment and adjust as necessary.  Make sure that you also double check to ensure that all of the holes for the water are facing inward before you start to add the epoxy to the fittings and seal everything up.

All you need to do now is attach the hose and open the faucet.  Make sure that the dog washing unit is on a level surface somewhere and then open up the valve.  Use a combination of the valve and faucet to regulate pressure and you’re good to go.  This is a great and simple system to use for washing rambunctious dogs, and chances are that they will enjoy it just as much as you. 

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