Identifying Flint Chert and other Sparking Rocks

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Identifying Flint Chert and other Sparking Rocks



Identifying Flint to use with a striker. Flint or Chert can be easily identified by it’s color, fracture pattern, and luster. You may have to look closely at the potential piece of Flint or Chert as it will most often times be covered by the white outer matrix material. Therefore you will need to look closely for chips or breaks in the rock to identify it as a potential Chert node.

NOTE: The striker is a high carbon steel “Mill Bastard” file, made by Nicholson MFG, made in the USA.
I cut the file in several pieces with a Dremel tool and then ground the edges flat on all sides with a bench grinder so there were no more file teeth left. These files can be bought at just about any hardware store. Make sure you get a file that is meant for “metal-on-metal” tasks.