Making a PVC Walking Stick Blow Gun

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Making a PVC Walking Stick Blow Gun

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 We’ll be building a light duty walking stick today. It’s good for light hiking easy trails and fairly flat-terrain. It’s not something you can really put your weight into, but I use sticks like this often without fail and I’m a good 240 pounds. I just like to say light duty because I’d rather something not fail when I need it.

Just because a plain old walking stick from PVC feels wasteful to me, we’re making this a blowgun. It’s a good, decent-powered blowgun for short distances. I have another walking stick like this one that I stump-shoot with when camping or hiking. It’s a lot of fun.

You’ll need a length of Schedule 40 PVC pipe in 1/2″ nominal size. This will give you a bore size of .622 caliber (.62 darts usually work in these). Since this size can be a little whippy, you’ll need a 4 inch length of schedule 40 3/4″ pipe for a middle handle and barrel stiffener as well as a 5 inch length of 3/4′ for the mouthpiece/handle and a 2 inch section of 3/4″ for the foot of the stick.

You will need a heat source, so a heat gun, torch, stovetop, open flame or BBQ grill. You can see one of the heating aids I use a lot on bow limbs to hasten the heating process.

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Finishing the PVC Walking Stick Blow Gun


In this video we’ll make the mouthpiece for the blowgun and place the handle. The mouthpiece has a recessed ring in it that helps prevent a dart from being swallowed in the off-chance you decide to inhale rather than exhale. It only works for cone darts and should no be abused. It’s there if you need it, but shouldn’t be relied on or an excuse for irresponsible shooting. I’ll also put a few darts through the gun for you guys to see.

Next we’ll be finishing the stick up. If you guys want to see how I make darts, let me know. There are lots of great dart-making videos on Youtube as well!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time!

Side Note: Blowguns are a serious weapon and are outlawed in some places. In some places blowguns are illegal to even possess, so make sure to know your local laws before making any weapon.