Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Under Control

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Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Under Control

Most spiders are completely harmless.  However there are species that are venomous such as the brown recluse and black widow.  While they do a great job of providing insect control, it’s better to be safe then sorry when it comes to spiders indoors or in work areas.  Here are a few simple tricks that you can use in order to keep your space as spider-free as possible.

Peppermint Oil
Lots of spiders can not stand peppermint oil for some reason.  All you need to do is add a few drops of the oil to some water in a spray bottle.  Spray the room as well as directly on areas where you know spiders tend to congregate.  This powerful repellent can clear a room of spiders for weeks, but it’s important to continually apply treatments to ensure that they stay away.


Vinegar works almost as good as peppermint oil in many cases as well.  Simply spray it with some water in the room and into cracks and crevices where spiders are detected.  It’s important that you get the vinegar into those hiding places that spiders love so much in order to be as effective as possible.  Reapply every couple of weeks or as necessary.  The only drawback to using vinegar is the smell that can linger as it dries.



Lemon, lime and oranges also have properties that spiders seem to hate.  Take the rind or peels of these types of fruits and smear them along surfaces.  Window and door frames, base boards and around cabinets are all good areas to treat.  The oil that is deposited onto these surfaces can cause spiders to go somewhere else.  As with the other suggestions, you should reapply treatments frequently in order to prevent them from coming back.


Cedar is a well-known spider repellent,  and it’s very easy to use mulch or wood chips to keep them at bay.  Use the mulch for landscaping around and against the house, shed or garage.  Place small shavings into socks and hang them in closets, attics, basements or other places where they tend to live.  Just remember to keep supplies fresh and change them out every couple of months in order to maximize the effectiveness of this method.


Eliminate the Source
Spiders come from somewhere and prefer certain areas.  They love decaying wood, foliage, dark and cool places and areas that attract other insects.  One of the best ways to get rid of spiders is to eliminate these sources.  Keep the sides of your home free from brush, branches and debris.  Scrape off spider webs from bushes, doors and gutters.  Spend some time in the basement and attic cleaning and removing spider webs as well.  This is not the most enjoyable way to reduce spider problems, but it is the most effective.


Once the areas have been cleaned and spider webs removed, then apply some of the treatments listed above to discourage them from returning.  The more that you can keep up with making the environment as uninhabitable as possible, the few spiders will want to live there.


Unfortunately, spiders are so pervasive that it will be virtually impossible to prevent all of them from entering your space.  However, these steps can significantly reduce their numbers and minimize their intrusion into rooms.  Just remember that spiders play a vital role in the control of other insects.  There is a chance that you will see more insects and other critters once spider numbers significantly decline.  So, focus on controlling spiders where they are a nuisance, but try to leave some areas or rooms alone so they can perform their role as a natural form of pest control as well.