Prepping Your Home For Disasters or Long Absences

The HOSS walks us thorough a few basics of being able to turn off your utilities, specifically natural gas, water (and water heater), and electrical. If you don’t know how to do these things then NOW is the time to learn! Likewise, ensure each adult and age-appropriate children understand how to do so as well…

Protecting Against Disaster

Protecting your home from electrical mishaps, fire and flooding while you’re gone is also important.

Before you leave, unplug everything but the refrigerator, freezer, and the lights and radios you have set on timers. Check to be sure the oven and stove, as well as small heat-generating appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons, are turned off.

If you’ll be away a week or more, turn off the water to your sinks, toilets, dishwasher and washing machine. Many a homeowner has returned home too late, only to find that an aged washing machine hose or dishwasher part has broken, flooding their home and causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage.


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