Pro vs Anti-Vaccine Argument Rages as Chicken Pox Threatens Child

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Pro vs Anti-Vaccine Argument Rages as Chicken Pox Threatens Child


The mother of a young girl recently shared how her daughter was struggling for her life after she contracted the virus that causes chicken pox.  Her daughter was undergoing chemotherapy when children her age normally get vaccinated against the virus.  However, because her immune system was compromised, doctors feared that the vaccine would pose a serious health risk.  She didn’t get the vaccine, and she ended up being exposed to chicken pox after coming into contact with another child who was also not vaccinated.

This situation caused the pro vs anti-vaccine argument to rekindle after the mother shared her story on social media in an attempt to encourage others to get their kids vaccinated.  This gives us a good opportunity to think about this controversial topic and weigh the pros and cons of vaccines in our own lives. 

Benefits of Vaccines

The indisputable truth is that many vaccines work, and we don’t need to pick apart scientific studies to see their effectiveness.  Polio and measles were all but eradicated once people started getting vaccinated.  Cases of HPV are dropping after vaccines started going out a couple of years ago.  Hepatitis vaccines have been protecting healthcare workers for decades.  In fact, the recent resurgence of both measles and polio are linked to people not getting vaccinated.  Consequently, vaccines are an effective way to eliminate the spread of viruses that would otherwise quickly become a modern-day pandemic.

Fears of Vaccines

Vaccines are a gamble.  There are concerns that some vaccines that have been emerging are actually causing people to become sick.  Thousands of children in India are thought to have contracted illnesses as the result of a botched vaccine program, yet this has yet to be proven.  Thousands here in the United States have adverse reactions to vaccines every year as well.  The reality is that there are more vaccines today, and they cover a wider-range of viruses than ever before, and it’s difficult to determine whether or not they are doing more harm than good.  Some even link increases in autism cases to vaccine programs.

Baby and Bath Water

It’s really easy to look at vaccines and throw the baby out with the bath water.  However, it’s important to remember that vaccines are virus-specific.  This means that we can’t compare how people react to one vaccine with another that has been proven to be safe and effective.  Consequently, we need to look at individual vaccines and weigh the pros and cons.  Maybe you don’t want a flu vaccine, but chances are that you’ll benefit from a tetanus booster or an immunization against one of many rare diseases that will undoubtedly make a resurgence after a SHTF situation.

Vaccines can protect you against diseases that will be much more common following a game-changing crisis.  However, there are often risks that need to be assessed as well.  We’re not trying to convince you either way.  Rather, we just want to call attention to this issue so you can think about this and decide what’s best for you and your family.  Don’t let the vehement support for or against vaccines that is in the atmosphere these days cloud your judgment.  Take time to do your own research, examine the risks as well as the benefits, and make an informed decision.