The Importance of Experimenting With Different Water Filtration Techniques

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The Importance of Experimenting With Different Water Filtration Techniques


We all appreciate the value of having access to a safe and reliable supply of water during a crisis.  Chances are that most of us also have various treatment or filtration options at our disposal as well.  However, as more and more choices become available, it’s important to make sure that they actually serve their intended purpose and provide us with the water we need.

It’s also important to differentiate between purification and filtration.  Filtration is useful when you get water from a relatively-clean source but need to remove fine particles, impurities and certain microorganisms.  Purification involves treating the water with chemicals or sustained heat in order to kill off pathogens that may slip past the filtration process.  We need to make sure that we have both options at our disposal in order to give us the best shot at having access to safe water during a crisis.

Test the Waters


It’s not enough to have the right material or chemicals on hand.  We need to test everything beforehand in order to ensure that they will produce the desired results.  For example, we can boil, add bleach, chlorine, iodine or a combination of all three in the form of tablets or powders to purify water.  However, each will involve different concentrations and varying purification times before water can be safe for consumption.  Additionally, each will produce a different taste to the water which may or may not be to your liking.  Try each option out for yourself, and add your favorites to your survival kit and bug out bag.

Test the Filters


While most filters do the same thing with similar items (activated charcoal is the most popular), they are not the same in terms of their capacity or ease of use.  Some produce more water than others at any given time as well.  Make sure that you choose a filter that is ideal for the circumstances that you’re preparing for.  You also want to make sure they are reliable and not prone to jamming or clogging.  If the filter accommodates replacement cartridges, consider stocking up on a backup supply as well. 

Treat Wonder Filters with Skepticism

There have been substantial breakthroughs in technology in recent years that have led to the production of “wonder products” that claim to filter even the most putrid water.  There are even products that promise to turn urine into potable water as well.  While some live up to their claims and pass tests with flying colors, others do not.  Make sure that you do research and test these types of devices before you decide to rely on them during a crisis. 

At the end of the day, you have dozens of options when it comes to tapping into a safe and reliable supply of water.  However, you want to know with certainty that the resources you’ve packed away for an emergency will live up to their expectations when it matters most.  Take time to research, test and narrow your choices until you have a multi-layered system in place.  Doing so will help you to dramatically reduce the chances of encountering a water crisis at the worst possible time.