“Tip Of The Week” – 2 Minute, Heated Emergency Shelter (E12)

I like watching IntenseAnglers videos, he always shows things that are common sense but are great reminders for staying safe outdoors.

Uploaded on Feb 17, 2012

IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week”, Episode 12. A quick, easy, and compact emergency shelter. While many of us posses the skills necessary to construct an elaborate survival shelter, the reality is that most persons who become lost or stranded do not take the time to stop well before dark and build such a shelter… their primary focus is on getting “found”. It is not until darkness has settled in that they realize that they may very well be forced to stay the night… by then it is generally too late for shelter building. This simple system composed of only a few, lightweight items has the capability to see you through a long, cold night. At the core of this shelter system are artificial hand-warmers. These chemical heat producers not only provide a source of much needed warmth, but allow your body to retain energy by burning less of it to keep warm.

About “Tip Of The Week”:
In this new weekly series we will be sharing some wide-ranging outdoor centered tips, tricks, ideas, and “how-to'” videos in a short, concise, and to-the-point manner. A new video will be posted every Friday (as interest dictates).

As part of this new series, I will be featuring a different channel each week in the “intro” segment of the video. If you would like your channel featured (or simply want to support the series), please contact me via PM and we can easily set that up. Your participation will be greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing from you!


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