Using Old Gas During a Period of Self-Sufficiency

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Using Old Gas During a Period of Self-Sufficiency


One of the most valuable commodities during a post SHTF situation will be fuel.  Unfortunately, gas degrades over time, and using poor-quality fuel can cause all kinds of problems with engines and components.  However, there are still ways that you can put old fuel to good use and get the most out of this precious resource when supplies become scarce. 

Use it in Old Equipment


While gas degrades, it is still combustible, and even if it has impurities that would normally clog newer, more sensitive engines, it may not have the same effect on older machinery.  Think in terms of generators, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other gas-operated items that you may have laying around.  Not only are many of these pieces of equipment built to withstand a lot of abuse, they are often easy to maintain and repair.  So, even if the equipment clogs up or requires a tuneup because of low quality fuel, fixing it and getting it up and running again may not be that difficult.

Taking advantage of machinery or old equipment in a crisis will make life easier, because you can get work done or tackle projects while expending minimal energy or resources.

Starting Fires


Whether or not you use fuel to soak firewood or make fire-starting material, it will burn under most circumstances.  This can help you to stretch your resources while giving you a host of additional options in terms of being able to build and maintain a fire. 

If you have a sizable quantity of fuel, it can also be used for larger applications, such as for burning swaths of land in order to clear it for building or farming, incinerating items with ease, and you can also use it to burn down structures or other items that you’ve made in order to leave no trace of your presence when you leave a site.  The possibilities are endless in terms of how you can use old gas and fire to your advantage.

Pest Control


Whether you are plagued with biting ants, snakes, rats or other pests that burrow or build shelters, pouring some old gas down entryways can quickly eliminate the problem.  Many people have used this approach to destroy the vast and expansive tunnel networks that fire ants create, because the fire will literally incinerate almost every nook and cranny, killing millions of ants in the process.  While this isn’t a sure-fire solution that will work in every situation, it can come in handy a lot more often than you think. 


There are some products out there that can help to recondition old fuel and make it usable to varying degrees.  Consequently, if you test the fuel and it falls within certain limitations, adding these conditioners can give you a much-needed extension on the shelf life of your supplies.  While results will vary, and there is no guarantee that the finished product will be suitable for use in all engines, this is definitely an option worth exploring.

Learn more about these and many other ways that you can put old fuel to good use. The more you can conserve will translate into more options that will make life easier once the SHTF.