Survival Skills 101: Wasp Spray as a Self Defense Tool?

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Survival Skills 101: Wasp Spray as a Self Defense Tool?

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Many people don’t realize that firearms and pepper spray are illegal in many countries. This brings up the question should Wasp spray be used as a self defense tool in everyday society or when SHTF?

Hornet and wasp spray is one of the best kept secrets in home self defense and it comes with a lofty dose of controversy. The reason why wasp and hornet spray is considered to be an exceptional self defense tool for home and office is that you can attack an intruder or threat from a minimum distance of 20 feet (some boast a 35 foot reach) with greater accuracy than pepper spray at 10 feet, it is available at Wal-Mart for less than the cost of a popcorn at the movies, it has exceptional take-down capabilities, it is practical for more than just one use, and you do not need or a permit or clear background to own it.

Whether utilizing hornet and wasp spray or a Taser, we all have the right to protect ourselves by any means necessary including deadly force under the Second Amendment, which is a recognition of man’s basic right to defend ones own life. Nobody can take that right away from you nor can they tell a woman that she cannot defense against an attacker in her home using wasp spray if that is all she has at her disposal…she has the right to shoot him dead with a gun if necessary!