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How to Make a Cheap and Effective Live Rabbit Trap

A box rabbit trap is probably the easiest and most humane way to hunt and trap rabbits.  Shooting them requires a lot of time and skill, snare traps can be tricky and difficult to set, and most people don’t have enough land to make netting worthwhile.  Let’s take a look a simple design that can be set, checked …

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Create a Mini-Solar Heater With Plastic Bottles and a Sun Shade

You can create a mini-solar heater that is powerful enough to heat a bottle of water with some plastic bottles and a reflective vehicle sun shade.   This is an excellent way to have some hot water available for re-hydrating foods or uses that a fire may be a waste of energy to accomplish.  Take a look at the following …

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Dangers of Eating Canned Food (and How to Reduce Those Health Risks)

In today’s busy world, eating canned food has become a habit for many of us. Indeed, the FDA reports that 17% of the American diet comes out of cans. However, canned food has received a lot of negative attention in recent years due to the potential dangers aluminum and tin cans can pose to our …

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A Lesson Learned from Improperly Storing Food

A friend of mine brought over some really nice bread rolls the other day, and I wanted to save them. I put them into a large zip-lock plastic bag, squeezed out as much air as I could without squishing the bread and laid it on the counter.   A couple of hours later, I went back …

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Practical Considerations Regarding Survival Bars

Survival bars have evolved considerably from the bland crackers that were commonplace on marine survival kits or Cold War shelter food supplies.  However the added choices that are available do not always translate into better and more beneficial products.  Let’s look at some things to think about when choosing the right survival bars for your needs. Calories …

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Incorporating the Present Into Your Food Storage System

We place a great emphasis on long-term food storage, and for good reason.  However, focusing on the distant future can prevent us from making the most of immediate and intermediate options as well.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you to round out your food storage system while also adding some redundancy …

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How to Safely Can Ground Beef

Canning ground beef is a relatively easy and safe process as long as you follow some basic guidelines.  Having a supply on hand for a survival situation is a great way to enhance meals as well as add some tasty protein to your diet.  It also reduces your reliance on hunting for whatever happens to be nearby …

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Make Your Own Cooking Oil With Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are ridiculously easy to grow, and they yield enough seeds to make producing oil simple and efficient. You can even make oil out of the seeds that you purchase from the store. Let’s take a look at how you can produce a nutritious and steady supply of oil that can be stored year-round. Planting …

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Survival Stockpiles and Rations: Lessons from the Cold War

There were over 100,000 municipal survival shelters scattered across the country from 1960s to the early 1970s.  They were funded by the federal government, but sites were selected and managed by state and local civil defense agencies.  Considering that these shelters were intended to protect populations from the effects of a nuclear war, it’s almost comical to …

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Canning Sweet Corn the Easy Way for Long Term Storage

Corn is a fantastic source of carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and is a great filler that can be used between meals.  Canning it for long-term storage is not something that a lot of people think about, but it’s entirely possible as long as you follow some basic guidelines.  Take a look at the steps below and see …

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