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How to Make Long Lasting Survival Candles

Almost everyone appreciates the importance of having candles on hand during a power outage. However, not all candles are created equally, and many tend to burn a lot faster than we would like. You can buy special survival candles that are designed to burn slowly, or you can also make your own. In fact, it only …

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Choosing and Preparing the Best Wood for Log Cabins

Making a cabin in the woods generally involves the use of lumber that is sourced from the local area. Consequently, the structural framework of the cabin will be determined by the types of trees that are available. It’s important to think about how the wood you use can impact everything from strength to insulation and the …

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Escape and Evasion When SHTF

In this episode, we describe some concepts to be weary of in an escape and evasion situation that will help you stay hidden from trackers. Some of these little things will keep you from being found and could save your life depending on the situation. Hope you take something from this and thanks for watching! Awareness is …

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Tips to Get out of a Burning Building Alive

Fires claim thousands of lives every year, and many people die because they either became incapacitated or didn’t know how to escape. The good news is that there are some simple things that all of us can do in order to maximize our chances of escaping a burning building alive. Let’s take a look at a …

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Cover Your Bases:  Focus on Here and Now Survival

There’s no doubt that it is important to prepare for a nuclear attack, massive natural disaster or any other cataclysmic event.  These are the things that threaten to plunge our normal way of life into chaos, and we definitely need to be in a position where we are as self-sufficient as possible.  However, by placing …

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Home Remedies for Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can range from minor annoyances to potentially-serious medical conditions, and they can also crop up with little or no warning.  While most infections can be easy to treat if they’re caught early enough, it may be a challenge to get prompt medical attention during a survival situation.  Fortunately, there are a few …

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4 Mistakes Preppers Make Early On

Prepping isn’t rocket science, and a lot of common sense goes a long way. But, for many who are new at the game, getting things just right can seem a bit confusing. How do you prepare for every possible eventuality? What steps can be taken to provide options when all hell breaks loose? These questions …

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Long Term Prepper Survival Information

    How to plan an evacuation kit – also known as a go bag or bug out kit. In today’s Mailbox Monday we cover recent events that have driven people to evacuate. Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados, Civil War, all of these items can cause you to leave with little notice. Having a prepared kit and plan …

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Priorities of Survival, Rules of 3

There are several rules basic to survival. They’re known as “survival rules of three“. You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, 3 months without hope. I go into some detail on each in this video. Everyone has a different ability to cope with …

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Homemade Camp Shower

Having a shower when you are in the out doors is a must.  Here is a great DIY that anyone can do.  Just follow the step by step instructions in this video.

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