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How To Make Slow Burning Fuses

For this project I used items from around the house to create a pyrotechnic time-delay. Here’s how to make a simple form of a slow burning fuse, because when experimenting with homemade pyrotechnics, you don’t want to be too close if your composition explodes. WARNING: The maker of the video assumes no liability for use of …

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How to Make Fire Starters out of Straws

One of the biggest problems with using pre-made fire starting material is that it can be messy and difficult to store or transport. However, there is a nice technique that you can use to create portable and self-contained fire starters with some straws and other common materials. Look at the steps below and see how this option …

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Making a Breakaway Lanyard is Easy and Important

A breakaway lanyard is a makeshift necklace that is created to automatically detach if it gets snagged or pulled.  Neck injuries are not uncommon due to these unfortunate occurrences, but they are also completely avoidable.  Let’s take a look at how easy and important it is to consider making one for yourself.  You can take a piece of …

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How to Make a Trip Wire Alarm From a Clothespin

Trip wire alarms are an excellent first-line of defense against intrusions along a perimeter.  The trick is to make one that will be loud enough for you and the intruder to hear.  The following design is an excellent example of how you can use ordinary items to create a rudimentary warning system.  You can improvise as needed, and …

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How to Make an Boot Dryer Out of PVC Pipe

How to Make an Boot Dryer Out of PVC Pipe If you’re looking for a way to dry boots quickly and easily, then this trick is for you.  All you need is some PVC pipe, a blow dryer and some other components to create your own drying system.  While this project has plenty of room …

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How to Make a Gun Rest from PVC Pipe

How to Make a Gun Rest from PVC Pipe Gun rests are a very useful tool in the field when you are stalking prey for a prolonged period of time.  They also help to eliminate the need to find appropriate-sized logs or debris to hold the weapon in place while you wait for the target …

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How to Make a Rudimentary Survival Mirror from a CD

How to Make a Rudimentary Survival Mirror from a CD Signaling for rescue is one of the most important, yet least-discussed aspects of wilderness survival preparedness.  You have many options to choose from, including using mirrors, fire, smoke or carving messages into the sand.  One simple and effective way to improvise a signal mirror is …

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Surprising and Practical Uses for Rubber Bands

Surprising and Practical Uses for Rubber Bands Believe it or not, rubber bands can be used for a lot of purposes beyond holding things together.  While we don’t often think of them as being an essential component of our survival gear, they may come in handy for a number of projects that can make life …

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Urban Altoids EDC Tin (v2.1)

Start small. Building an expansive 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Survival Kit can take many hours and can be expensive. A popular challenge within the survival community is to build a small and thorough Survival Kit using an ALTOIDS CANDY TIN. Far from an exact science, this survival kit was modified to suit what we …

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Bicycle Generator with Construction Plans

  Uploaded on Aug 31, 2009 For Construction Plans visit:… Here is a look at the bicycle generator I built this summer to use in my physics classroom. The funding for this project was made possible by a grant from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.  

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