Five Surefire Ways to Attract Mosquitoes

Five Surefire Ways to Attract Mosquitoes


There are a lot of ways to repel mosquitoes, from using commercial bug-sprays to utilizing an endless list of home remedies that have worked for generations.  However, the best way to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes is to avoid attracting them in the first place.  Unfortunately, we tend to do more to draw them in instead of scaring them away.  Take a look at the following things that will almost guarantee that mosquitoes will swarm all over you.

Wearing Dark Clothing


Mosquitoes are conditioned to search out prey that lurk in shadows or are out and about during periods of low-light.  Consequently, they are used to dark silhouettes.  Dark clothing causes us to blend into the surrounding scenery, and that is exactly what mosquitoes are looking for.  Try wearing light clothing that covers your arms and legs the next time you are outside during mosquito time, and chances are that  fewer of them will be trying to suck your blood.

Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes are extremely attracted to carbon dioxide, and our breathing is what draws them in when they are the most active.  Unfortunately, there is little that we can do to prevent this from occurring other than to remain indoors.  However, studies have shown that minimizing physical activity during the evening hours can cause mosquitoes to seek out other victims.


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Mosquitoes love heat, and they can sense it radiating off of people from great distances.  This goes hand in hands with minimizing physical activity as our bodies generate less heat when we are relaxed.  Another way to reduce our heat signature is to make ourselves cooler than our surroundings.  This is one reason that mosquitoes do not like candles or fires.  Sticking close to sources of heat that are warmer than us is a natural way to keep a lot of them away.

Lactic Acid

Many foods that we eat as well as sweat from exercising contains lactic acid.  Lactic acid is like a perfume that attracts mosquitoes from all over the place.  Foods that contain a lot of sodium or potassium also attracts mosquitoes.  Keeping an eye on our diet as well as showering after exercise can help to avoid attracting too much unwanted attention.  Avoiding meats, dairy products, pickled foods or other items that are acidic will help to deter mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to a wide-range of scents that include perfumes, deodorant, detergents, air fresheners and sunscreen products.  Rinse these off of your body before heading out in the evening, avoid scented soaps and use unscented laundry detergent before spending time outdoors in the evening.

Keep in mind that these are not the only things that attract mosquitoes.  Our body chemistry, local environment and amount of standing water in the area also influences mosquito populations and their desire to bite us in order to feed their young.  While making our environment as inhospitable as possible can reduce their numbers, they will never be eliminated.  Use good judgment, avoid being unprotected outdoors during dawn and dusk hours, and wear repellent in order to truly minimize the chances of being bitten.

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