How to Modify Batteries and Get Better Use out of Them

How to Modify Batteries and Get Better Use out of Them


There are many disposable batteries that can be re-purposed in order to provide power for a broader range of electronic devices.  A lot of people don’t know that battery manufacturers use common components for different products as a way to increase sales and profits.  However, you can modify many of them in order to work in other devices in a few easy steps.  Take a look at the examples below, and see how you can take advantage of this little-known fact in order to get power when you need it.

AAAA from 9v


There are an increasing number of products that call for AAAA batteries.  These are slightly smaller than their AAA counterparts, and can be used to power a wide range of small devices.  All you need to do is peel back the edges of the bottom of the casing on a 9v battery and remove this piece.  Next, peel back or cut through the side-walls of the casing to expose the cylinders inside.  These cylinders may be encased in plastic, which you can also cut with a small knife or razor.  These cylinders are connected by wires to form a series.  You can either cut them loose and use them individually, or keep a few intact to provide a little more power for larger devices. 

9v Hand Warmer

Another trick you can do with 9v batteries is to use the cylinders to fashion an improvised hand warmer.  Follow the steps above to remove the cylinders and then keep two of them connected in a series.  Place them on a sheet of aluminum foil and crinkle it up.  The batteries will start to conduct and radiate heat through the foil, and it will start to become noticeably warm after a minute or so.  You won’t get shocked or burned if you use these small cylinders.  However, you do NOT want to use lithium ion batteries due to the high level of heat they produce.

12v Battery Cells


12v batteries look like they come in a single cylinder.  However, they are nothing more than a handful of button batteries that are stacked on top of one another within the casing.  You can snip away the casing and remove the top and bottom terminals to access these buttons.  They can be then used in many devices, and this is a great way to get access to a cheap supply instead of buying them individually, and a few batteries can end up giving you enough buttons to keep your small devices powered during a long-term survival situation.

Touch Pad Stylus

Anyone who has tried to use their phone or tablet when it’s really cold outside knows how difficult it can be.  Not only does the screen become less responsive, but fingers can freeze as well.  One nice trick is to use a AA battery as a stylus.  Simply tap the negative end of the battery to the screen and you’re good to go.  You can even use this trick while wearing gloves.

Try these tricks out for yourself, and explore other options when it comes to re-purposing batteries.  Knowing how they work and how to modify them can give you access to power from more sources during an emergency. 

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