Make a Mosquito Trap With a Plastic Bottle



Mosquitoes are a big problem in normal situations, let alone one in which you are fighting for your survival. One of the best things that you can do is to minimize your exposure as opposed to trying to figure out how to keep them at bay. While it is important that you have mosquito repellent handy, you may also benefit from making some traps as well. Traps will not completely eliminate the mosquito problem, but it can make a tremendous difference in the amount that you will have to contend with.


All you need is some water, tape, scissors, an empty two liter bottle of soda, sugar and some yeast. Cut the top portion off the bottle off from about a third of the way down. Set the top part aside and warm up about two cups of water. Pour a cup of any kind of sugar into the bottle and slowly add the warm water. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved and then add in a tablespoon of yeast. This mixture is very potent and will attract mosquitoes quite easily.


Remove the cap from the top piece. Turn the piece upside down and place it inside the bottom part so that the top of the bottle is facing down towards the liquid. Tape the top together along the sides to make sure that the piece doesn’t fall into the water. Cover the trap until you are ready to use it to avoid any accidental spillage. The water will be very sweet and sticky, so it is important to keep it from spilling in order to avoid an insect invasion.


Set the trap and remove the cover when you are ready to use it. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the liquid and fly into the bottle through the funnel of the inverted lid. However, it will be impossible for the vast majority of them to escape because of the narrow opening. This little trap can capture thousands of mosquitoes, especially if you are in an area of heavy infestation.


The best thing to do is to create a few traps that you can distribute in different areas to wipe out as many mosquitoes as possible. You can use the trap indoors or outdoors, but place it near but away from the area that you are trying to make mosquito-free. You want to attract the bugs away from where you are, but it should be a few meters away so that the scent of the sugar will be stronger than the urge to bite you instead.


This trap works well in conjunction with smoke or repellent that you may be using. This is the best way to ensure that you are not being annoyed by mosquitoes. However, the trap alone will reduce the population of mosquitoes that are flying around and hopefully minimize the problem. Remember that mosquitoes are a health risk as much as they are a nuisance. Take advantage of every opportunity to avoid being bitten and possibly infected, and this little trick can go a long way to protect you and your family during a survival situation.



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