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How to Make Arrows for Under $2.00

How to make arrows on the cheap for prepping. How to make arrows on the cheap for prepping.

Escape and Evasion When SHTF

In this episode, we describe some concepts to be weary of in an escape and evasion situation that will help you stay hidden from trackers. Some of these little things will keep you from being found and could save your life depending on the situation. Hope you take something from this and thanks for watching! Awareness is …

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How To Fill Your Canteen from a Tree

This video will demonstrate how you can fill your canteen from a tree for drinking clean water in the wilderness.  

Adjusting to High Altitude Survival

  We all know that air gets thinner as altitude increases, and it’s important to allow the body to adapt to higher elevations. Annoying physiological changes to the development of serious medical conditions are possible, and people will react to living at high altitudes differently. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of altitude …

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Remember to Work on These Important Fall Garden Tasks

One of the reasons that people have difficulty with getting their gardens up and running in the spring is because they forgot to take some important steps to prepare it during the fall.  Properly tending to gardens following a harvest can help it to rest, absorb nutrients and make the soil easier to work with …

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How To Signal For Help

Anyone who likes to get away from the city and go out into the wilderness is taking their lives into their own hands, each and every time they do so. While it may seem that you are going for a short hike in the woods, you never know what could happen during that hike. For …

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DIY Waterproof Survival FIRE Kit for Bug Out Bags

Check out this NEW Waterproof, Survival Fire Kit – EDC – YOU Can Build and Take with You Anywhere! This Fire Kit has 3 Sources of Ignition and Tinder to keep you alive. Great for camping, hunting, survival, emergencies, bug out bags, get home bags and for including in other emergency or survival kits. Check it …

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Choosing Appropriate Footwear for Wilderness Travel

It is incredibly important to choose footwear that will fit the conditions that you expect to encounter. Some shoes and boots are ideal for walking along trails while others are designed to be used in rougher terrain. Let’s take a quick look at some characteristics of popular footwear options in order to help you to maximize …

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How to Make Chimney-Jet Alcohol Stove

  Chimney stoves work by creating an updraft through the stove that feeds the flame with oxygen and by having the flame start inside the stove which causes it to really heat up and vaporize more fuel.  The simplest versions are singled walled while others are doubled walled.  The heat output can be adjusted by …

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Making Charcoal

  A quick demonstration of a simple and fool proof way of making high quality charcoal. This method can be scaled up or down to fit your needs. It’s so simple that you’ll even have time to roast a few marshmallows while you’re cooking your charcoal.  

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