How to Can Fruit Cocktail the Easy Way

How to Can Fruit Cocktail the Easy Way

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Fruit cocktail is a delicious favorite that can bring a little bit of sweetness to your food stockpile.  It’s also loaded with fresh fruit and honey, which will also make this one of the most nutritious desserts you can have on hand as well.  Here’s a simple recipe that will give you an idea of the process as well as basic ingredients that you can use.  Feel free to improvise and create a cocktail that you and your family will love and appreciate, especially during the stress of a long-term survival situation.

Basic Ingredients

6 cups, or 9 medium sized peaches

3 cups, or about 9 medium sized pears

2 cups, or about a pound of seedless grapes with stems removed

1 cup of maraschino cherries

1 ¼ cups of sugar

¼ cup of real honey

Sprigs of mint (one for each jar)

2 cups of water

Getting Started


The first step is to prepare the peaches and pears.  Cut the peaches in half, remove the pits and peel off the skin.  Cube the peaches into ½ – ¾ inch pieces.  Remove the stems and butt of the pears, core them and then peel the skin.  Cube the pears in ½ inch pieces.   Immediately put the cubes, right after they have been cut, into a bowl filled with 4 cups of water and ¼ cup of lemon juice.  This will help to prevent browning and keep the fruit fresh while you prepare the rest of the recipe.

The next step is to get your canner and jars ready.  You will be using a water bath canner for this recipe.  Add the water and turn up the heat.  At the same time, warm the canning jars in water that is at a low simmer but far below a boil.  This will prevent them from cracking once you add the ingredients later.

Preparing the Recipe


Take the water, honey and sugar and put in a large saucepan and bring to a soft boil.  Stir as the ingredients heat up until they have all dissolved and become evenly mixed.  Next, add the grapes, pears and peaches into the water and boil over medium-low heat for 5 minutes.  Stir occasionally to prevent scorching and to evenly distribute the fruit throughout the mixture.  After 5 minutes, remove from heat and stir in the maraschino cherries. 

Remove the jars from the water and place on the counter.  Add one mint sprig to each jar and carefully ladle in the fruit and liquid.  Make sure that you measure out the fruit so that each jar receives the same amount.  Fill the jars with liquid until there is ½ inch of headspace.  Remove any air bubbles with a wooden spoon and add more liquid as necessary.  Wipe down the rims of the jars and attach and secure the lid assemblies. 

Place the jars in the canner and process for 20 minutes, and remember to adjust cook time based on your altitude.  Remove the jars when finished and allow to cool at room temperature for about 24 hours.  Check the seals before labeling, dating and storing the finished product.  You can expect a shelf life from anywhere between 1-2 years depending on the quality of the seal and storage conditions.

Try this recipe for yourself and see how easy it is to incorporate this into your long-term food stockpile.  It’s a snack that you and your family will love, and it is also a great way to add some sweet nutrition to your survival diet.

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