10 Shelters for Stealth Camping

These are some great tips on how to stay stealth when out in the woods. Woodoak Wilderness show 10 different types of shelters that will keep you hidden and protected when out in the wilds.

Stealth Camping is camping in a spot so as not to be seen by others and leaving no sign that you were ever there. It’s called “Stealth” because you want some privacy and don’t want people to know you are there. A lot of  campers   like to  do it to be closer to nature. This is useful for bugging out and staying hidden.


Published on Sep 14, 2014

WildGeese OD taks the popular Miltec Recon Tent in flecktarn and placing it in different woodland settings. Then adding a realtree 3d net to make it disappear.



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