DIY: Horizontal Storage of 55 gal. Water Barrels


Storing water is one of the most important aspects of Emergency Preparedness. We recommend working on storing water at the very beginning of your journey. There are many ways you can store water. Once you’ve stored as much water as you can, you can also look into filtration and purification options. If you’re on a limited budget, we recommended using juice containers, and soda containers so that you at least have something (don’t use milk jugs, they disintegrate).




Once you have a little more of a budget to work with you may like storing water in water boxes, and or barrels. After purchasing a few water barrels for ourselves, we asked on our Facebook page if people thought it would be wiser to store these barrels in the garage of the basement. Since we live in Utah, and earthquakes are a threat here, most people recommended storing it in a garage so you would have better access to it in case of an earthquake.


I will  I stumbled across this DIY project recently for storing 55 gal. water barrels horizontally. The biggest drawback of standard upright water barrels is getting the water out when needed. This generally involves either a siphon or a hand pump. Storing the barrels horizontally and adding a spigot to one of the caps makes using the barrels much more convenient. You’ll also be more likely to exchange the water every six months since it will be easier to do.


Click here for some plans






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