Don’t Overlook the Importance of UV Protection



The dangers of ultraviolet light are real, and it is important to protect yourself from prolonged exposure to the sun. A good bottle of sunscreen, zinc oxide and sunglasses that filter out UV energy waves should be part of everyone’s survival stockpile. Let’s take a look at the problem of UV light and how it can impact the body so that you can take steps to prepare and protect yourself from its effects.



UV Light is Energy

Think about a time that you got shocked by a frayed wire or electrical outlet. Remember that pulsing, throbbing feeling that went through your body? That feeling comes from energy waves that bombard you at a high frequency. All of the light that we get from the sun is simply energy pulses that travel at a super-fast rate of speed that our eyes are designed to see. However, the energy that we see is only part of what the sun produces. Ultraviolet light is simply a portion of the sun’s energy that we can not see, but it is also extremely dangerous because our bodies are not designed to protect us from its effects.


The atmosphere protects us from most of the harmful, unseen energy that is produced by the sun. However, changes in its composition over the past few decades have allowed ultraviolet light to pass through this invisible barrier. This means that our bodies are unprotected from the “shock” that is produced by those energy waves. Our bodies can be impacted by different intensities of UV energy. UVA energy can penetrate all the way through the skin. UVB energy usually just goes affects the outer layer.


However, when we are exposed to the sun, we are at risk of receiving the full-range of UV bombardment. Just as electrical currents can be used for cooking, starting fires or welding, the current from UV waves have the ability to fry our bodies. The result? Cancer, severe sunburns, rapid dehydration and a host of other potentially dangerous ailments.




Sunblock vs Sunscreen

Sunblock or sunscreen are more than products that are marketed to keep people looking young and beautiful. They contain ingredients that act as a protective barrier that prevents UV energy from entering our bodies through the skin. However, there is a difference between sunblock and sunscreen that you should consider. Sunblock protects the body from both UVA and UVB energy. Sunscreen generally protects the body from UVB only, however newer products are emerging that also offer both forms of protection.


Sunblock is generally a thick, white cream that does not completely soak into the skin. Its reflective properties are what offers the greatest amount of protection. Sunscreens generally soak into the skin and provide a filmy, protective barrier that is good for short exposure and swimming. However, it is advisable to wear sunblock if you plan on being exposed to direct and intense sunlight for more than 20 minutes every day. While these products help to protect the body, wearing a hat, bright clothing and minimizing skin exposure is the best defense to have against the harmful rays of the sun.





Protecting the Eyes

The eyes are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet energy, and this is why it is important to wear appropriate sunglasses that will filter out harmful rays. Long-term exposure to intense sunlight can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts as well as temporary vision loss. UV energy can also distort what we see. This is why things appear clearer and sharper when we are wearing sunglasses or eye wear that filter out UV radiation.


The dangers of UV radiation are real, and it is incredibly important that you take these risks seriously Make sure that you stock up on sunscreen as well as sunblock in order to ensure that you are protecting yourself against the possibility permanent damage from sun exposure. You can also make your own by mixing two parts of zinc oxide powder to three parts hand lotion. Always wear protective clothing in addition to UV eyewear if you will be outside in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.



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