Faraday Cage: How to Make on the Cheap

I built a Faraday cage using a garbage can and I really like it.  LDSPrepper makes a big cage that I actually wanted to figure out how to make.  This is my next project.

Uploaded on Jan 6, 2012

This may well be the best Faraday cage you can make on the cheap and the best Faraday cage at any price. I’m not saying that to brag but I really believe in this design. If you are at all concerned about protecting your electronic equipment from either a man made or solar EMP please consider making a Faraday storage cabinet like this. The cabinet cost me $100, the tape $32 and the aluminum insulation was free. You might be able to make this Faraday cage for less if you stop by construction sites and get left over aluminum insulation and ask for thirteen feet of aluminum duct tape.

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