Five Practical Uses for a Necktie

Neckties are more than just a way to project a professional or formal appearance.  They have many uses that can be particularly useful during a crisis.  As they become less and less popular in daily attire, you should still consider keeping one on hand at all times just in case you need it.  Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can use a necktie in an emergency.

Makeshift Sling

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Neckties are long and strong enough to fashion into a sling that can be assembled in seconds.  Imagine being in an accident, or showing up on the scene of an incident where someone has a broken arm, wrist or a dislocated shoulder.  All you need to do is bend the arm and place it against the chest of the victim.  Wrap the tie around a spot between the elbow and forearm.  Place both ends of the fabric around the armpit on the opposite side and tie it off on top of the shoulder.  This is a fast and easy to immobilize the affected area, reduce pain and decrease the chances of further aggravating the injury.

Makeshift Tourniquet

Imagine being involved in a situation where a severe injury leads to bleeding that cannot be controlled with direct pressure or the application of pressure points.  You can use a belt, which is also another accessory you should keep with you at all times, or a necktie can work just as well, if not better.  Simply wrap the tie at a site above the injury, pull really tight and wrap again as necessary until the bleeding stops.  Ties are more flexible than belts, and they are also easier to pull tight without assistance from another person.   They are also easier to undo one the patient has reached the hospital.

Holding Bandages in Place

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Ties are the perfect solution for tying off bandages over a wound or holding hot or cold packs in place.  They are soft, easy to position, and they don’t put a lot of stress over the affected area.  You can secure any one of these items in seconds and they can work just as good as tape in most circumstances.

Pulling Things

I knew someone who towed a disabled vehicle with a necktie once.  Actually, he used two that were tied together.  However, the strong fabric was more than enough to get the disabled vehicle to a service station and repaired.  If a tie can be used to pull a vehicle, imagine how it can be used for smaller objects as well.  The possibilities are endless, and all you need is a little bit of ingenuity based on the situation at hand.

Securing Things

Ties are also perfect for securing things together.  While they may not be as good as duct tape or rope, the can get the job done.  You can even cut the tie into a few lengthwise strips in order to make more cordage.  It can be used for anything to holding padding in place to stop a leak to supporting joints on furniture or makeshift shelters. 

Think of some other ways that you can use a necktie to improvise your way out of a lot of random problems.  You will be surprised at the many uses you can come up with, and feel free to share them with others as well.  You will quickly discover why this is one item that you want to keep with you where ever you go, just in case.

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