How to Make a Peeler Out of a Soda Can

How to Make a Peeler Out of a Soda Can


I bet one of the last things on your mind is packing up a vegetable peeler in your bug out bag or survival kit.  In fact, this is probably one of those items that will most likely get left behind or forgotten during a long-term survival situation.  However, it’s also one of those tools that makes life a lot easier on the homestead or in the wilderness.  Let’s take a look at a simple solution that can give you a handy peeler with nothing more than an aluminum can, knife and pair of pliers.

Preparing the Can


The first step is to cut away the lid of the can from the inside of the side-walls above the rim.  This will reduce the chances of getting injured by cutting this section out if you cut off the entire top first.  You want to end up with the flat disc that contains the pull-tab and hole in the center, but you don’t need the walls or lip of the can.  Discard the remainder of the can or set it aside for other purposes as you see fit.


The next step is to remove the pull tab and flap of aluminum that is beneath the lid.  This is the piece that gets pushed down when you open the can of soda.  Try to remove the lid by dislodging it from the stump that it is connected to instead of tearing it off.  Doing so will make the peeler safer to use later on.  You also want to remove the flap underneath as close to the side of the hole as possible.  Give it a few good rocks back and forth in order to loosen it up and hopefully allow you to have a clean break.

Fashioning the Peeler


Next, you want to put on a pair of work gloves, if you haven’t already, to protect yourself from getting cut.  This isn’t necessary, but it will be a safer way to complete this project.  Hold the disc in your hand and start bending down the edges with your pliers.  Take it slow and bend down one section at a time until all of the jagged edges are folded down and in.  Crimp them so that they remain against the bottom and you’re left with a rounded and smooth edge.  You can also use a pair of scissors to trim the edges as well.


However, don’t worry if the disc becomes a little bit deformed during this process, because you don’t need it to be a circle to work.  The key to this trick is to keep the center hole (where you drink from) intact while keeping the edges smooth in order to avoid getting cut or jabbed while you use this as a peeler.

Next, bend down the outer edge of the hole at about a 60 degree angle.  Make sure that it’s evenly positioned across the outer half of the ring.  All you need to do now is turn the disc over, hold the base (where the pull tab and flap were connected) with your fingers and place it against the vegetable or fruit that you want to peel.  Simply peel by pulling in a smooth, downward motion. 


This can peel anything from carrots to apples, and you will be amazed at the effectiveness of this trick.  Try it out for yourself and see why you will never have to use your survival knife to peel skin again.


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