Make a Sweet Flashlight Holder to Light Your Tent

Getting lighting options to work well inside of a tent is not always easy, and even the best accessories often produce limited results.  One option to consider if you don’t have a flashlight with a string attachment is to build your own.  Let’s take a look at how you can fashion a sturdy and effective flashlight holder in a few easy steps, and you can enjoy ambient light whenever you need it.

Required Items

You will need some epoxy, but Sugru works particularly well since it can adhere to any surface, a small magnet, a bottle cap and some string.  You will also need a small flashlight.

Preparing the Ends

The first step is to open a small packet of Sugru or epoxy and break it up into two dime-sized balls.  The next step is to choose a round magnet that is about the same diameter as your flashlight.  Form the bead of Sugru or epoxy into the shape of a cone and press the flat end against the side of the magnet.  Press the conical end against the backside of your flashlight and push firmly.  Smooth the edges with your fingers to make sure that it is securely attached and set aside.

The next step is to take the second bead of Sugru or epoxy and press it into the bottom side of the bottle cap.  Work it in with your fingers so that it is evenly distributed.  Take your string, fold it in half and make a knot.  Press this nub into the material and manipulate the epoxy with your fingers so that it covers the string along with the bottom of the bottle cap.  Set this piece as well as the flashlight aside overnight so it can cure properly.

Mounting the String and Cap

The next day, take your cap and string and anchor it to the top of your tent where you want the light to hang.  All you need to do now is attach the back of the flashlight with the magnet to the bottle cap.  The light will now be anchored in place and you can use it to illuminate the interior of your tent.  To remove, simply slide off the flashlight from the bottle cap and store.

Keep in mind that this trick is meant for small flashlights that are not that heavy.  The flashlight should also have a flat surface on the back end so the magnet can be attached properly.  Using a big flashlight or one that does not have a flat end can weaken the connection and cause it to fall down, potentially hitting occupants in the tent in the head.  Finally, make sure that the string is thick enough to hold the weight of the flashlight, otherwise it can fray and cause it to fall as well.

This trick is ideal for flashlights or small light fixtures that do not have places to attach ropes, and the connection is surprisingly strong.  Just remember that the amount of epoxy and the size of the magnet is proportional to the weight of the light.  Feel free to improvise and scale up as necessary in order to create the right attachment for your needs.  Try this for yourself, and see how you can significantly enhance the quality of light that you have inside of your tent.

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