Making a Breakaway Lanyard is Easy and Important

Making a Breakaway Lanyard is Easy and Important


A breakaway lanyard is a makeshift necklace that is created to automatically detach if it gets snagged or pulled.  Neck injuries are not uncommon due to these unfortunate occurrences, but they are also completely avoidable.  Let’s take a look at how easy and important it is to consider making one for yourself.  You can take a piece of cordage and turn it into a useful accessory in a few minutes, and it only takes a little bit of practice.

The first step is to choose the proper length and thickness of the cordage that you want to use for the lanyard.  The lanyard should serve two purposes.  It should give you a way to store and transport longer pieces of cordage in addition to allowing you to carry small accessories around the neck.  While it is easy to create one that is just long enough to wrap around your neck, consider taking advantage of this method as a way to store extra cordage.

Most DIY lanyards have two components.  The first is the piece of cordage that wraps around the neck.  The second is the knot which is made from the length of cordage that will be packed up and condensed.  You can easily condense ten feet of cordage into a knot that is about an inch or two long, and this should also be strong enough to support the necklace and small items that may be attached.

So, measure the cordage that you want to wrap around your neck so that it falls in the spot where it is most comfortable and practical.  You also want to make sure that there is a couple of inches of string left over after you attach the knot and secure the lanyard in place.  This is crucial because the extra lengths will make the lanyard more secure while being adjustable at the same time. Cut the piece and set it aside.  The next step is to measure and cut the length cordage that is desired for the knot.

The next step is to fold the necklace cordage in half and start to wrap the longer cordage around it.  You want to start to build the knot a couple of inches above the ends of the shorter cordage.  Hold the two pieces of the short cordage between your thumb and forefinger.  Take the longer piece and place it behind the two pieces you are holding and pull it until you reach the halfway point.  Hold it in place and loop the other end back around the top.   Loop the strand on the left side over the one that you just placed over the top.  Then, wrap it underneath everything and through the loop that you made previously.

This will produce a knot that wraps around the necklace piece, but both pieces are not tied together.  This will allow the lanyard to separate once it is pulled.  Keep repeating the process of weaving over, under and through until you have knotted all of your longer cordage.  Secure each end of cordage used for the knot so it doesn’t unravel, and you should now have an adjustable and detachable lanyard.  Common options include using tape, some glue, or even flame to melt the ends of the material.

Try this out for yourself and see how you can create a lanyard that is safe and practical.

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