Mini Urban Altoids EDC Tin (v1.0) by TheUrbanPrepper

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Published on Nov 15, 2014


There are times when carrying a full size Altoids Tin is not conducive, especially with front pants pocket carrying. The Urban Altoids “Mini” EDC Tin uses an Altoids Smalls container and can fit conveniently in the small watch pocket of jeans. The items contained in this tin are primarily intended for urban EDC purposes, however several of the items could be used in a emergency/survival situation. In an effort to keep all of the items secure and organized while in the tin, miniature magnets have been retrofitted on the tin and some individual items using Gorilla Glue as an adhesive. This would be an extremely poor kit to carry in the Amazon jungle, but highly beneficial to have at work, home, out of town travel and during errands in an urban environment.



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