Survival: What To Do If You Get Lost Outdoors

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Published on Jan 15, 2014
Knowing what to do if you get lost outdoors is more important than many people credit. Survival situations often arise from people getting lost but people don’t always see it as a survival situation at that stage.

Every year hundreds of people get lost in the woods and on the hills – often when they are just out for a day hike. And they don’t always do the right thing.

So in this video I share some tips, tricks and best practice for what to do if you should find yourself lost or even a little geographically confused.

None of us can walk in straight lines. Without an external frame of reference, we walk in circles or a spiral. Add to that the fuzzy thinking which comes with rising panic and the situation can go from bad to worse…

Something to guide you is the acronym “STOP”. That is Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. To find out more about what this means exactly and how to apply it, please watch the video.



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