The Amazing Benefits Common Foods Can Give Your Body

The Amazing Benefits Common Foods Can Give Your Body


You can start to improve your overall health and well-being simply incorporating servings of common foods into your daily diet.  This can help to boost energy levels, improve memory, fight illness and rid the body of contaminants.  While we’re going to avoid getting too deep into natural healing, there are some really well-established benefits that the following foods provide.  Take a look at the list below and start to load up on these items today, and it won’t take long before you start to feel some positive effects.


Cantaloupe for improving the health of skin as well as boosting night vision due to its high amount of vitamin A.  Compounds in cantaloupe have also been linked to killing cancer cells in the oral cavity.  Furthermore, the high level of antioxidants in cantaloupe are important in the war against free-radicals, or bad cells that can lead to the formation of numerous types of cancer and other illnesses.  It also contains electrolytes which helps the body to fight dehydration, and the high amounts of vitamin C help to fight infections and boost the immune system.


Cucumbers help to cool the body while also helping to remove bacteria and viruses.  It also cools the body from the inside out, making it the perfect food to eat on hot days.  Cucumber is also known to support the nervous system, reduce anxiety and help to offset some of the biological damage caused by stress.  There are also links between compounds in cucumber and inhibiting the growth of certain types of cancer cells.

Asian Pears

Did you know that pears are a natural way to remove some radioactive particles from the body?  It’s true.  They also contain a number of nutrients that are essential for maintaining blood and cardiovascular health.  Pears are also rich in fiber that aids in digestion along with minerals that promote healthy bones.  They have also been known to relive coughs by lubricating the throat and airways, and can help to promote the healing of cuts and scrapes.


Currants are sweet, delicious and nutritional powerhouses.  They are loaded with protein, vitamin B6 and C.  They are known to help with joint pain and inflammation, reducing constipation and soothing cold and flu symptoms.  They also help to reduce inflammation in veins and arteries in addition to offsetting some of the impacts caused by anemia. Consequently, currants can help to regulate blood pressure and make the cardiovascular system more efficient.


One of the little-known benefits of eating bananas is their anti-viral properties.  They have compounds that attack certain viruses while inhibiting their destructive impact on the body.  They also have potassium and other electrolytes that promote heart health while also regulating fluids in the body.  They are one of the best fruits to eat in order to counter the effects of dehydration and make sure that water is being evenly distributed at the cellular level.


Lemons are a powerful expectorant, and they can remove excess mucous from the airways and clear sinuses.  They also have one of the highest levels of vitamins and minerals of all the common citrus fruits.  They are widely-used to soothe respiratory disorders, indigestion, burns and high blood pressure.  Lemons are also known to boost the immune system, cleanse the blood as well as the digestive system.

These are just a few more examples of numerous healthy fruits and vegetables that are usually readily-available and inexpensive.  Take some time to look at more information about these and other nutritious foods and see how increasing your daily intake can benefit your health now as well as help to make you stronger to withstand the stresses of a survival situation later.

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