A Hand Pump for Shallow Water sources

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There are so many ways to use this pump. Tie it in with your well, spring, Pool, tank and all inside your home. Power goes out, 20 below zero, no water? No problem! Go down to the basement turn one valve and start pumping. Water delivered throughout the house. It will pressurize up to 38 psi.

Dual Action Semi-Rotary Hand Wing Pump

  • The simple robust design using quality materials and workmanship guarantees a long and effective service life.
  • The body is cast iron, the wing with valve set, and the vee valve are brass and the shaft is steel.


  • The handle moves back and forth in a 90 degree arc, which in turn causes the wing with valve set (30) to semi-rotate within the body.
  • The vee valve (31) operates as the inlet check valve.
  • The unit discharges fluid on both strokes of the handle.
  • It must be bolted to a strong vertical surface with the inlet at the bottom or to either side – two mounting lugs are provided.
  • The handle can be installed either pointing up, down, left or right.



This pump incorporates many original technical features which make it the best of its type.

  • Strong inlet flange, outlet flange and mounting lugs prevent breakage even when subjected to rough treatment.
  • The tapered internal body is a unique design which assures automatic settlement of the wings, thus guaranteeing smooth efficient operation for many years.
  • Each pump is tested to a suction lift of 7 meters of water and 20 meters of discharge head.

CAUTION:  Pumps used for water must be protected from internal rust whenever they will be unused for extended periods of time. Mineral oil is non toxic and can be poured in the discharge port for this purpose.


  • Weight: 6 kg (13.2 lbs.)
  • Capacity: 6.5 G.P.M (30 L.P.M.) at 55 double strokes per minute
  • Plumbing Connection: 1″ female pipe thread
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure: 37.5 P.S.I.
  • Maximum Discharge Height: 25 m (82 ft.)
  • Maximum Suction Lift: 7 m (22 ft.)*
    (this distance reduces with altitude – see chart below)

Sea Level 22.0 ft.
1000 ft. 20.8 ft.
3000 ft. 18.4 ft.
5000 ft. 16.0 ft.
7000 ft. 13.6 ft.
9000 ft. 11.2 ft.
Suction lift is the vertical distance from the pump to the surface of the water.



  • Used in locations where there is no electricity
  • Makes an excellent emergency backup to an electric pump during a power failure (see below)
  • Will pull water through a submersible pump
  • Will pressurize a tank so there is water at the taps
  • See the Specifacations section above for capabilities



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