How the Federal Reserve Can Take Ownership of the Government

How the Federal Reserve Can Take Ownership of the Government


We are a nation of laws and a people who are governed by the Constitution.  We see it is a document that cements our rights into stone and gives us certain freedoms that can never be taken away.  Even the recent attempts to curb our civil liberties are just small drops in the bucket in terms of the protections that we have considered to be inalienable for centuries.  However, most people don’t realize that the Federal Reserve owns this country, and in their eyes, the Constitution isn’t worth much more than the paper it’s written on.

The Federal Reserve is a Bank

The Federal Reserve is a bank, just like any other bank in the country, with one exception:  They control our currency and print money.  Consequently, they literally own all of the dollars we earn, save and spend.  They control the amount of money that is in circulation, and they lend it to everyone else.  Technically, we pay for the privilege of using our own money.

That being said, as our economy continues to teeter on the brink of collapse, the Federal Government borrows money from the Federal Reserve bank.  They get a good interest rate, close to zero at the moment, but it is money that needs to be paid back.  This is the national debt.  We as citizens, and taxpayers, are co-signers on the loans that the government has borrowed from the Federal Reserve bank.  Therefore, we are liable for repayment.

They Are a Huge Lender


The Federal Reserve Bank also lends money to corporations and other banks, and they print money so people in control of such entities can use it to invest in things.  So not only does our government borrow money, most private-sector entities also have a debt to the Federal Reserve.  The IRS is responsible for collecting this debt.

Think about what happens when you take out a loan.  You put up real assets to guarantee payment.  Homes, property, vehicles, investment tools and even businesses are all on the table.  Anything that you own that has enough value in the eyes of a lender will help to ensure that you get money for whatever you need.  So, if you end up falling behind on your payments or go into default, the lender can seize your assets to cover the debt.

So, the Federal Reserve Bank has a lot of collateral that the US Government has given over the years.  Essentially, they own everything.  The Federal Reserve can come in and seize public as well as private land, corporate offices, utilities, stocks, bonds and any other instrument of value if any one of their borrowers goes into default.

What’s at Stake

When we talk about an economic collapse, we often overlook the fact that if we can’t pay our debt to the national bank, then the national bank can take what we own.  Consequently, much of what we perceive to be free and public is actually in jeopardy of being seized, sold or managed by the Federal Reserve.  In the same sense that FEMA can take control of the country in a disaster, the Federal Reserve can take over almost everything since our government gave them this right decades ago.

While something like this is hard to see, and there are certain provisions in the law that limit what the Federal Reserve can take,  our way of life could be forever altered if and when this happens.  As long as we continue down the path we are heading as of now, it’s only a matter of time before we are at the mercy of the biggest and most powerful bank in the world.

Our Government 

We also have to realize that our government is really owned by the Federal Reserve, and they can not or will not do much of anything to wrestle our sovereignty away from this bank.  Consequently, we are already feeling the effects of this sell-out in our daily lives.  Stagnant wages, rising prices and the devaluation of the dollar are all symptoms of how the Federal Reserve controls the purse strings and keeps all enslaved to the system.

If and when the SHTF or a major economic collapse occurs, we will most certainly be forced to live by the bank’s rules via a government that is beholding to them instead of the people.  The consequences of this are unfathomable, but chances are that everything that we hold near and dear to our hearts, as well as any real assets that we may have can be taken away with little or no warning.

The only way to avoid becoming a victim of this massive scam is to be as self-sufficient as possible.  This is why it’s so important to start preparing now, because there will come a day when bread lines, major civil unrest and a complete collapse of the societal structure in America will be a normal way of life.  Unfortunately, very few people view this is a real threat that must be taken seriously.  Are you prepared?

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