Stop Bleeding by Pinching These Universal Pressure Points

Every human body has a series of pressure points that can be pinched in order to stop severe bleeding following an injury. Pressure points are essentially places where veins or arteries can be pinched like a hose in order to slow the rate of blood flow so that wound sites have a chance to clot. …

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How to Make Tallow Candles

Beef tallow has been used for centuries as a cooking grease as well as fuel for lanterns. Making tallow candles will give you a nice and long-burning source of light that works well in outdoor situations. While anyone can use beeswax, candle wax or even shortening to make a candle, knowing how to convert the fat of …

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The Amazing Benefits of Ducks and Chickens in the Garden

Keeping ducks or chickens around the garden is one of the most productive and healthy ways to boost crop production. They are easy to care for and manage, and they provide a lot of benefits that are ideal in a world of self-reliance and sustainability. In a post SHTF scenario, having chickens for food as …

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Storing Insulin and Perishable Drugs in SHTF

We discuss today an option for protecting and prolonging the shelf life of your insulin and refrigeratable drugs in a grid-down scenario.  

How To Make A Pocket Survival Chainsaw

  Making a pocket chainsaw is not hard. You don’t need any fancy expensive tools. Buying chainsaw chain in bulk will allow you to get your chains for around half the price of buying pre made hoops from the saw shop.  

Teaching Kids How to Prepare

My experience tells me that kids are more capable of adopting a prepper’s lifestyle than many of their adult counterparts. It’s fun, it engages their imagination, and they don’t yet have to worry about being self-conscious as their non-prepping friends and colleagues make fun of them or think they are crazy. Kids are resilient and …

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Common Desert Plants and Trees Produce Excellent Foods

There are a number of cacti and trees in the desert southwest that provide an assortment of edible, and sometimes tasty foods. You can enjoy fruit buds, seeds and starchy components of certain trees simply by knowing where to get and how to prepare them. Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular and …

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A Peach Salsa Canning Recipe Worth Surviving For

If you’re on the hunt for some peach canning recipes in order to make the most of this year’s harvest, then this salsa variant may be the answer.  It ticks all of the boxes in terms of being healthy, zesty, delicious and shelf-stable, and it’s also really easy to prepare.  Ingredients: 3 lbs of diced …

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Canned Foods That You May Not Know About

A lot of people don’t realize how many different types of canned foods are available in stores or online.  In fact, most of us walk right past items that are perfect additions to our stockpiles without even knowing they are there.  However, many of these foods can help to round out our emergency food supply …

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Why Oatmeal is Such an Important Stockpile Item

Oatmeal is one of the best dry-goods that anyone can include in their stockpiles.  Not only does it serve as a fast and easy meal, but oatmeal also provides us with a number of important benefits both in and out of the kitchen as well.  Here are a few examples of why you definitely want …

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