DIY fresh water – free solar soda bottle still easy quick to make

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Published on Apr 3, 2015

How to make a simple solar water still to make your own fresh water from soda PET bottles quickly and at almost no cost.
The design is not perfect, I am still working on it, but the advantage of this design is the bottle water still can be hung up off the ground to keep away from animals or being blown over in the wind and the collection bottle allows you to not have to tend to it for days as it slowly fills up with fresh distilled water. The cost is almost nothing as it is basically recycled water or soda bottles, string,cardboard, hot glue and tape.

Some people are going to freak over using plastic soda bottles. Glass bottles can be used instead if you are competent in cutting them in half. Dan Rojas at green power science has the best method on youtube on how to cut glass bottles if you are interested.
However,the plastic soda and drinking water bottles should not emit harmful chemicals at low temperatures and the pvc collection tube can be replaced with hollow bamboo or elderberry or other local material.
The cardboard wick component can also be replaced with untreated cotton or other wicking material. Wooden shims or spacers can be used in the interior instead of hot glue to keep the interior container centered.
How much water can you get from one bottle? The second day I used the still I got 46 ml in 8 hours on a mild partly cloudy day.
If you don’t have access to 3 liter bottles you can use more common 2 liter bottles and add the cardboard wick to your interior container like I did with the 3 liter bottle.



The collecting bottle should be covered to protect the water from being evaporated again.
The design can be assembled very quickly after you make the first one.
I know 46 mls is not a lot of water, but if you need clean water and have more time than money and access to recyclable bottles why not make a lot of bottle stills?Tthis design would allow you to make a lot of water in unused space along walls and fences or even the south side of trees as the design is vertical. It is also mobile and can be taken with you. It would be ideal for a boat too .

If you have negative comments about my design and have improvements, please let me know. If you only have negative comments and no helpful input that will make the design better please save your time.
I have been without water before. To me, clean water is civilization. without clean water life is terrible. Millions of people all over the world suffer from unclean water. I am hoping in some small way this design will help somebody, or at least be a start.

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